3 Common Types Of Home Based Businesses

However, each camera business has its own advantages and disadvantages and your choice will depend upon the amount of information that you have about each. Here are a few examples of the 3 types of businesses.

A home based franchise

A franchise is the kind of business where one business gives another business the right to distribute, sell its products or services. The franchise is most often allowed to use the name of the parent company along with the brand name and trademark.

The most common example of a home-based franchise business are as follows:

American Leak Detection (Water/gas Leak Detection)

Merry Maids


International Servicemaster ( Cleaning Serice)

Terminix Termite and Pest Control (Pest Control)

Direct selling home business

A home-based direct selling business involves selling products and services on a person-to-person basis. There are 2 main types of direct selling opportunities. Single level marketing where one makes money by buying products from our parent company and selling them directly to the customers.

Multilevel marketing where you make money by selling products directly to the customers as well as by making other people join the direct selling program of the parent company.

Some of the common home-based direct selling opportunities include the following companies.

Amway/quickstep, household cleaning products.

Discovery toys Incorporated, selling toys.

Longaberger Company, selling baskets.

Mary Kay Incorporated, cosmetics.

Nikken Incorporated, wellness technology.

Home-Based Business Opportunities

The business opportunity is an idea, product, system or service that somebody else develops and then offers to help others set up their own business using that system, selling the product or providing that service will the people. In people are allowed to use the trademark of the parent company although they might require you to have your own and different official business name. In most of the circumstances, there is no continuing relationship or interference with the parent company once you have bought the business opportunity. You are expected to run the business on your own after the initial transaction is over and sell directly to consumers, promote the product and on the revenue.

These are some of the popular examples of home-based business opportunities.

Balloon wrapping Incorporated, balloon gift wrap.

Cardservice international, transaction service provider.

Home video studio Incorporated.

Rhino linings USA Incorporated, truck bed liners.

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