Are Paid Online Surveys Worth the Time and Effort?

Are Paid Online Surveys Worth the Time and Effort?

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The Question whether doing the work of filling online surveys and trying to on an extra income from home in this manner is worth the time and effort or not does arise. In my opinion it should be clearly understood that filling out online surveys that pay you for sharing your opinion online about this product and services are not a work at home opportunity.

Many work-at-home websites will have you believe that you can make a substantial income doing this kind of work at home but in my opinion that is not necessarily the case. The number of surveys that you receive in your e-mail will depend a lot upon your demographic profile as well. There is no way to determine whether your profile just have to sign up with a few legitimate research companies and try your luck.

In any case people on a few dollars for each survey and in many cases are reported not with cash but true gift vouchers and enrollment in sweepstakes. Making money on the side by filling out online surveys cannot be a substitute for a full-time income. It is not consistent and not sufficient to be considered as a regular full-time income. While it is possible to make considerably larger sums of money by participating in focus groups, these are even more seldom than getting offers for taking surveys in your e-mail.

Start by creating a separate e-mail to use when signing up with various research companies. this will help you segregate personal mail from the mails you receive for taking surveys online. It is possible that you also open yourself up to some spam e-mail when you sign up on certain websites. Although all the legitimate survey company websites will guarantee that they do not share your personal information with any third parties, you still might get targeted with spam one way or the other. Luckily, the spam filter engines in modern versions of e-mail providers such as Gmail and Yahoo are pretty effective. In any case it won’t hurt to have a completely separate account which you use solely for the purpose of signing up with the survey companies and receiving survey offers.

Many survey companies also send out samples of products to survey takers. Some will give fancy prizes like gift cards, electronics and even vacation offers.

Many will feel that trying to make extra money through online surveys is not really worth the time and effort because first of all not that many offers for online surveys come about on a frequent basis  Nor do they pay very large sum of money. Most of the paid survey offers specially in the beginning will be in the range of $2-$5.

Completing your demographic profile and filling out your complete information can also be crucial to receiving more  Survey offers in your e-mail. Most companies who want to conduct research on their product and services are looking for specific people that work in specific fields or have a certain kind of background. Getting targeted effectively with companies will require that you provide as much information about yourself as required other search companies.

It is also possible that if an individual takes surveys regularly for the first few months they start receiving more offers regularly. It is also possible that given the advent of time the consumer starts receiving survey opportunities that are higher-paying or better rewarded.

The best advice that can be given right now is that if you are starting to do this work for the first time, be patient with it and try to go about it in a systematic manner. Determine for yourself whether you are getting reasonable results in the first 4 to 5 months of doing this work regularly or not. Please do not hesitate to share your experience with us on this website by posting your valuable comments to this post. We would love to get more from you.


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