Are You an Employee or An Independent Contractor

The people working for virtual call centers from home can both be hired as employees of the company as well as independent contractors.

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Certain companies only hired independent contractors whereas others hire full-time employees to work as home-based call-center agents. The difference mostly is that a full-time employee has added benefits such as a minimum wage that is guaranteed to them every month along with health benefits and a pension plan. The pension plan usually comes into action if the employer has been working with the virtual call center agency for more than a year and has put in than 1000 hours of work.

As far as independent contractors are concerned there is usually no minimum wage guaranteed. Also employees with a virtual call center agencies are more likely to get paid on an hourly basis than independent contractors.

Be wary of courts and agencies that only hired independent contractors and no employees at all. Being an independent contractor in certain states means that you might have to set up your own Corporation in your own name before you can function as a home-based call center agent.  Read more about the difference in work for an independent contractor and a full-time employee with a virtual call center agency in the following post.


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