Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Freelance writing jobs are wonderful opportunities to work from home. Till sometime back freelance writing jobs meant scouring through the handful and freelance job websites. But today the options are plentiful.

It is easier to find and get freelance writing jobs since there are many more blogs, websites and online publications than just a few years ago.

What are freelance writing jobs all about? Take your pick.

There are different kinds of assignments that you can do. You can also choose the level of complexity depending on your capabilities and schedule. Some examples of online freelance writing jobs are writing blog posts, creating e-courses, writing an e-book, re-writing content, becoming a content contributor in your topic of expertise, and so on.

The biggest criticism of online freelance writing jobs is that they pay very less money. Well that depends on where you are looking. It’s true that you will find the internet flooded with offers from content generation mills that pay a pittance for you writing work.

But you can look else where. There are also websites that pay $250 for a single article. Of course, getting these jobs will depend a lot on your experience and qualifications. But there are also a lot of beginner assignments that are less challenging.

If you feel intimidated taking on demanding assignments, or don’t have the necessary portfolio to get flaunt, start with the simpler freelance writing assignments. 

These are some great websites that will give you great information on freelance writing jobs. They will also help you discover hundreds of such jobs.

Freelance writing jobs give you a lot of freedom to work on your own terms. But you should know that they are better suited to people who like working in solitude and solitary space.

For example, some people thrive on a buzzing and active work environment. With freelance writing jobs you are going to be on your own most of the time. And that suits a lot of people. You do get the flexibility to according to your own schedule.

However, if you want regular work and to grow in reputation, it’s best to follow a disciplined routine. For example, it wont help if you work very irregularly. It’s perfect alright to take breaks. In fact that’s one of the many delightful perks of freelancing with writing jobs. But going off the network too frequently will harm your prospects.

So as much as possible, treat your freelance writing jobs as a regular job. Doing this will also help in finishing your assignments on time. Freelance writing jobs can be a challenge because you have only yourself to depend on.

Writing Jobs Online For Beginners

There are plenty of opportunities for writing jobs online. But what if you are a complete beginner? Can you still get some writing assignments under your belt? The answer is, yes.

But you have to approach things a little differently. Put yourself in the footsteps of the person posting a writing job online. You will want someone who can demonstrate this ability. You will want some one who can assure you that they will do the job well.

The first thing people look for is reviews and feedback from previous assignments. Then they look at the money you are asking for. As a beginner writer you do not have a body of work with other clients and therefore no feedback, reviews and reference to vouch for your skill.

At any given point of time you will face competition from other online writers who can boast of the above things. So how do you succeed in getting a writing job online as a beginner?

Follow these tips to for better prospects to writing jobs online for beginners.

  1. Write a blob. You can create a blog for free. Take the initiative to write a few articles. Choose different topics and genres to demonstrate your copyrighting ability fully.
  1. Send sample work. Offer to start the work for free. Send a few paragraphs to the person demonstrating how you will handle the job.
  1. Beat the price. Usually the more seasoned and experienced writers also ask for money for their work. This is where you can have an upper hand. Quote a very reasonable fee that will win the assignment over.
  1. Pick out simple projects. Not everyone is looking at extensive and costly writing projects. In fact, many of them are fairly simple projects. People who want small jobs done often get turned down by more seasoned writers as they probably don’t pay as much. These kind of writing jobs are your ‘in’ as a beginner.
  1. Diversity. You are trying to rack up a few positive reviews at this point. So diversity what you are willing to work on. Choose related fields of work like editing and proofreading to increase your chances of getting work.
  1. Communicate well. Write a great profile for yourself. Make it easy and friendly. Sound self-confident and helpful. In your communication with a potential client sound absolutely approachable, eager and friendly. Assure the client that you can and will get the job done.

    I know that communication is important because it builds trust. I also know that I prefer to deal with certain people for my online assignments, because apart from the ability to do a good job, it’s just a wonderful experience communicating with them. They are understanding, willing, accommodating and friendly. I know I keep repeating ‘friendly.’ But it’s just that important.

These few tips and tricks should help you find your first writing assignments as a beginner. These are a few places where you can begin.

How To Make Money Writing From Home

Writing is a wonderful and viable way to earn money while working from home. A lot of people look for avenues for working from home. Writing is a great option for many reasons.

Benefits of Making Money By Writing From Home

  1. No expensive setup required. Writing requires only the most basic of equipment. You can accomplish your work with a notepad, a pen, and a laptop with an Internet connection.
  1. Work from anywhere. If enjoy writing, you will have to do it from a quiet and scenic getaway. Writing work from home does not tie you down to your home.
  1. Work in your own hours. Unlike a home based business that requires you to operate during fixed business hours, writing work can be accomplished whenever convenient. So if family and errands keep you busy, get to work later at night or early in the morning.
  1. Work at your own pace. Writing jobs at home can be done at the intensity you decide. If you want to take breaks, take it. If you have a busy month coming up, don’t take any more assignments. You can even contact the number of hours you work in a week. Writing from home can be a very flexible way to work from home.
  1. Ideal for solitude. You only need yourself to get the job done. Writing jobs from home are ideal for someone who likes to work on their own and want to be their own boss.

So how can you make money by writing from home? There are many ways to do it. How you choose to do it depends on your preference as well as your situation. For example, starting a blog may not be the ideal way to try making a writing income from home if you are in a hurry to start earning.

Similarly writing for local publications may not be an option depending on where you live. But don’t fret about this just yet because there are many many ways to make money writing from home. And you can easily do more than one kind of work to maximize your earnings. For example, take on online writing assignments while you build a blog on the side.

These are just a few ways to get started.

  1. Freelance online writing jobs.
  1. Start a blog.
  1. Write reviews.
  1. Register on
  1. Write on content sharing sites.
  1. Write for local publications.
  1. Self publish e-books.
  1. Affiliate and commercial writing.

Read about these opps in greater detail in this post.

How To Make Money Writing Content

Content writing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are some lines of work that are very well suited to the online world. Visual media related work like graphic designing and photography is one such example.

Writing content is another. What would the internet be without written content? There is no shortage of content writing jobs and there is always a need for good writers.

If you want to make money writing content, you should know that it’s a skill that has to be acquired. Writing online content can be different than usual writing. It needs to be simple straight forward and segmented. We will talk more about how to write well in another post.

But rest assured, you will need to know how to write good content if you hope to get good and regular work.

There are 3 main ways of making money by writing content.

  • Write a blog.
  • Write on content sharing sites.
  • Do content writing jobs.

We have already spoken about how to make money by writing a blog in another post. It’s a wonderful endeavor to take up if you are ready to make a long tern commitment.

Write on content sharing websites. These sites let you write on virtually any topic of your choice. Your articles are published on the website and populated with advertisements and paid offers of their choice.

Depending upon the popularity of your content and the number of people who click on the ads, you get paid by these websites on a revenue sharing basis. Since these websites rank swell with search engines and receive a lot of organic traffic, your content can start seeing visitors right from the time that you post it.

Online Content Writing Jobs. There are plenty of these available, specially on the popular freelance websites. That’s not all.

Once you have experience and a good work history under your belt you can find content writing jobs on a more permanent basis. There are huge content writing companies that employ thousands of people to write. Sites like invite people to become permanent writers with them in the guise of “guides.” Some of the sites where you can explore content writing jobs are:

Where To Find Online Writing Jobs

There are plenty of places where you can look for online writing jobs. Here’s a list of some of the sites that we have discovered.

Online writing jobs differ in degree of difficulty. Also some can be more long term assignments than others. Once you have a good sized portfolio of finished jobs completed, you can seek a more permanent employment as well. There are the names of websites that offer long term and permanent online writing jobs.

Before you start:

Acquire The Writing Skill

Before you go ahead and try to land any of the writing assignments you find online, make sure that you are equipped to handle the job. Writing is a skill. Mostly everybody thinks that they can write but that’s not always true.

If you are delving into online writing jobs for the first time, take some time to learn more about what you are getting into. We highly recommend reading a couple of good guides. Here are a few names.

Specialise In A Niche

When you do online writing jobs you will quickly learn that there is a wide diversity of work available. For example, writing sales copies is a very special niche. it’s a great idea to specialize in a particular niche and become an expert. Cover letters and resume writing is another such niche.

Writers with specialized skills get a lot more attention online. They also get a lot more work since they tend to stand apart from the crowd.

But this not mean that you supply proclaim yourself as an expert. Take the time to learn about specialized online writing by taking online courses, reading books.

Build An Experience Profile

Getting yourself some genuine credentials is a great way to get lots of online writing jobs. If you can do a writing course in your local college, community collect, or night school, think seriously about attending.

Not only will you gain valuable knowledge and skill, you will be more qualified. Honing your writing skills is very important if you want to be successful at online writing jobs: Nothing speaks more about you than the quality of your work.

An online writer gets paid according to the assignment and also his reputation. Make sure you deliver impressive work and the rewards will be just as impressive as well.

How To Make Money From Home Writing Articles

A lot of people want to know how to make some extra money from home. We get a lot of emails asking for ways to do this. But only a handful of them want to consider making money from home by writing articles. Surprisingly a lot of people still think that the internet has some tricks up it’s sleeve that lets people make easy money.

It’s this belief that makes people an easy victim of online scam. But it’s not completely their fault. Some of the fraudsters go to great lengths to make immensely convincing sales and pitch page. Coming from a place where you really used something to work for you, it’s hard not to be tempted to give it a shot.

Regardless, writing articles from home is a reality and many people do it to make a living or, in the very least, make a substantial part time income.

First step in making money by writing articles is to know what kind of work is available to you. If you are looking online you just need to saunter over to the closest, friendly, well-known freelance job website. Head over to the writing job section. Don’t apply for one just yet. Simply go through the listings. Now you know what article writing assignments are available.

There is another way to go about this. Instead of looking for home based article writing work online, publish your own articles. There are plenty of websites that allow you to post your own articles on any subject, and share the revenue your article generates through the ads and offers that they populate it with.

You can also write articles from home for your local publications. We know people personally who do this: You too can write for local papers, magazines, etc.

The most important thing is that you need some backing to your bid for any writing job, online or offline. That’s why we said earlier, just look and don’t apply just yet. If you are trying to pick up article writing work from a freelance job website, you need to show some credentials and an example of your work.

More often than not there are other people bidding for the same work. You have to give a reason to be chosen over others. The same holds true for jobs for writing articles locally from home. Ask yourself, why should anyone give you work?

The truth is that it’s not that simple at first to find articles writing jobs. You will have much competition beating you down.

But don’t worry if you do not have a body of work just yet. Let’s build that first. All things worth dong are worth doing well. Making money from home writing articles certainly fits the bill of things worth doing.

You can start writing a blog. Come up with ideas for 5-10 articles and post them. This with an example of your writing style and standard.

Post your articles on self-publishing sites that also pay you. This serves as an example of your work as well as a source of income.

Writing a blog is a great idea to build your profile as a writer. Setting up a blog takes literally just a few minutes can cost you nothing if you go the cost free way.

Get Knowledgeable

Before you do any writing on any platform, we highly recommend going through a few e-courses or books on writing. This is very important if you are a beginner. Writing well is a skill that, more often than not, has to be acquired. Learning and knowing how to write well is the ticket to successfully making money home by writing articles.

Here are some websites you ought to check out for getting started. All the best and do ask any questions you have in the comments below.

How To Write Better For Online Writing Jobs

The better you write, the more writing work you will get. It’s specifically important for beginners who are attempting to build their reputation and portfolio. Writing for online content jobs is slightly different than print writing. Sometimes it can be very different because the need of this assignment demands it.

You are reading this article and that’s great. But we highly recommend picking up a couple of books on content writing. There are a few good ones available on Amazon. There are our recommendations.

However, these are our tips for writing well for your online writing assignments. Remember, since writing jobs may come with specifications that are contrary to these points. The specifications are probably more crucial to follow.

  1. Get your grammar right. I know that most of you think that you’ve got this part. And maybe you do. But you would be surprised at the mistakes people make. Simple because they do not know that they are wrong.

    One of the simplest things to do is to run what you have written through the MS Word grammar check. Make sure that you switch “grammar check” on in the spell check preferences. Now all the errors that pop up are not a hundred percent valid. But most of the time it does help you write things in a better way.

  1. Proofread. Read what you have written to catch mistakes. Proof reading is all about catching errors, re-writing sentences, and making a sharper and smarter copy. It’s not easy to proof read. Many people skip this step altogether because reading what you have just written is boring.

    Proof reading is difficult because you develop a blind spot for mistakes. People reading their own work tend to skip words because they know the text. You have to make an effort to read every word and sentence individually.

  1. Always check for spellings. Spelling and grammar mistakes are unforgivable at this level.
  1. Write short sentences. Break whatever you have to say in sentences of not more than 15 to 20 words.
  1. Write in blocks. Every 4-5 sentences give a paragraph break, but not an unnecessary one. Anytime a particular thought breaks, break the paragraph. This typically happens in every 3-5 lines when you make another point.
  1. Learn about Flesch Kinkaid readability score. Go to a search engine and type in Flesch Kinkaid. This is a way to measure how readable your content is. In simple terms the score will tell you if your content can be easily read by which segment of people e.g. 10-15 year old, high school graduate, college graduate etc.
    You definitely want to stay under the high school category. Unless your assignments demands heavy writing, your content should be easily readable by everyone. Writing simply and clearly in short sentences and blocks helps alleviate the readability of your articles a great deal. Avoid big words where simpler ones will do.
  1. Do not write to impress. We are programmed from school to write to impress whoever happens to be reading. That theory kind of goes out of the window when writing online articles and content. You are writing to be understood, grab attention and provide information in the most engaging way possible.
    That’s the keyword “engage” the readers. And a fancy vocabulary is not going to do it for you. People are mostly looking for information online. And they have multiple results open in a search engine.
    If your article does not engage them quickly they move on to the next one. That’s what good online writers provide. An engaging copy. The better you are at it, the more money you will make with your writing work.
  1. Adjustable style of writing. You are probably not going to be doing the same kind of writing online. Even if you have your own blog, your post will vary from information posts to sales pages and free newsletter sign ups.

    You want to know how to write different content. Being able to write a great sales copy is a great talent. Good copyrighters charge thousands of dollars to create a single sales copy. Once again read some books on the subject.

  1. Go back. Go back to the contents that you wrote many months back. This is especially helpful if you have a blog. Most often you will discover that with time and experience you are ready to make improvements to those old posts. This usually makes them more popular and engaging.
  1. Follow guidelines, do research and take your time. If you are doing a writing assignment for someone make sure you have understood their requirements. Do not wait to finish the entire assignment but check if you both are on the same page. Send them the first few paragraphs to verify this.

    Always do ample research and collect a large bucket of facts. You will be surprised how they come into use while writing. Do not rush the project. Take time to proofread. Many people starting a blog have the desire to write as fast as they can to fill their blog.

Quality over quantity works, especially for the single blogger. So create great, informative and error free content.

How To Make Money Writing Reviews

How would you like to get paid for writing reviews online for products and services?

There are many consumer research companies who’s job is to collect real feedback from people like you.

They often give products for a free trial for you to use. Sometimes these products are new and being tested before being launched into the market. Cosmetics and household appliances are a popular category for these kind of trials.

Consumer products are one of the most flourishing and competitive fields of businesses. There is constant improvement and improvisation to keep the consumer interested. You can expect to find a lot of review writing work in this field.

They only thing that you are required to do is write a genuine review of the product.

Another genre of earning by writing reviews online is for movies and music.

This category of review writing can be particularly enjoyable, no points for guessing why. How would you like, as a movie and music lover, to watch ever MORE movies and listen to all kinds of music, and be paid for all that hard work?

We assume you have no objections to that!

Restaurants, hotels, holiday destinations are also covered by these kind of review writing jobs.

Travel has become a particularity booming business. A lot of people are not only travelling locally, but international travel seems to have soared in popularity. The result is a growing presence of online travel blogs and business websites.

The travel related business websites like travel planners are actively looking for writers to write reviews about destinations and travel experiences. 

Many paid survey sites also ask for written reviews for well known companies and products. For example, if you have been a frequent visitor of Burger King, and if you qualify for the survey, what will follow is a questionnaire in an effort to get to know more about your experience. You will also be required to write a short review, feedback and suggestions for improvement.

So, while its true that you can make money by writing reviews online, you need to know where to find this kind of work. Here are the well known names. You can join most of these sites for free. Some have ready to accept offers that you can begin your trial with right away. All the best and do post your comments if you have any questions.

How To Make Money Writing A Blog

Writing a blog to make money is a great idea and a successful one, if you are ready to make a long term commitment to the process. Millions of people earn through their blogs and so can you.

If you know nothing about starting and monetizing a blog, it’s a learning process. Making a successful blog to the point where its making money also takes time. So be prepared to work on it. However, it’s a very gratifying and enjoyable process.

Here’s how you make money by writing a blog.

  1. Find something enjoyable and interesting to write about. People have started their personal blogs on so many different things and ended up making money from them. But, the writing comes FIRST and the money later.
    For example, a young mother decided to share her everyday experiences online, the issues she faced and the solutions she tackled them with. It was an interesting journey that every young mother faces when raising a baby. The blog became immensely popular.
    You also need something you really want to write about. Writing on topics of interest is the best way to create unique content repeatedly and relentlessly. You will also not get bored doing it. Staying inspired while writing a blog is important because you are going to have to do it regularly if you want your blog to make money.
  1. Your first 30 posts. Write 30 articles on your blog before you consider monetizing it. The most common and easy method of blog monetization is by joining an ad serving network like Google AdSense and Microsoft Bing.
    But do not try to join the programs just yet. They will not approve of your site for many reasons. We will talk about this in detail shortly. Your first 30 posts give your blog a decent identity and depth. This is important for a good user experience, another important facet of successful money making blog.
    These posts also test your commitment level. If you cannot create this content, you will know that your chances of monetizing your blog are slim. 30 quality posts on your blog are key, with the intention of posting regular updates.
  1. Join an Ad Network. Once you have posted substantial content on your blog, its time to start monetizing it. There are the names of some of the most popular ad networks that you can join. This is also known as PPC advertising (Paid per click).
    When your blog is approved, you will be provided with a small code to place on your website. Relevant ads are mostly contextual in nature, which means that the advertisements match the content on the page.
    For example, if the blog is about a holiday you took, the ads may be about discount airline bookings, holiday destinations, etc. Basically contextual ads try to match the interest of the reader by matching to the content of the page. When a reader clicks on an ad, you earn money.

    Joining AdSense and Bing

    These are 2 prominent ad serving networks to monetize your blog. They have certain conditions that your blog must fulfill if its to be approved for their programs.

    You can read more about their terms and conditions here. For example, Google AdSense wants your blog to be at least 6 months old, have organic traffic and provide a good and safe user experience. Read more about user-experience policy here.

    Similarly, while a little more relaxed in their rules, Bing Ad Network requires your traffic to be from mostly US, Canada, and UK.

  1. Join An Affiliate Network. A great way to monetize your blog is to start promoting a product that matches what you write about. This is where affiliate networks come in. Affiliate networks are places where vendors offer commissions to people who promote and sell their products on their blogs. You, as the seller, are known as an affiliate.

    For example, if your blog is about travel, you can provide an e-book on photography. If its about crafting, you can have ads for craft supplies stores. Every time someone buys something by clicking on your ad link, you earn a commission.

    Commissions on digital products like e-books and e-courses are as high as 75% of the sale value. Good vendors also provide the tools you need for selling like banners for ads, promotional email etc.
    There are some of the well known affiliate ad networks. You can view the products and services they offer for sale before you decide which ones to join.

  1. License Your Content. This is another hassle free method of making money with your content. Other websites pay to borrow and use the great content you crate for your blog. Check out this website. It’s an example of a website that pays you for using your content.
  1. Get Traffic. This step comes before any of the above monetization steps. You need people visiting your blog in order to make money from it. “Traffic” is the single most important factor in making money from writing a blog.

    No advertising program or affiliate network will amount to anything if there is not one coming to your website to see those ads and products. In fact, Google AdSense will not approve your blog for their ads if you don’t have organic traffic. So what do you do? Keep reading for tips on getting traffic to your blog.

  1. Create your own product. One of the best ways to make money by writing a blog is to create a simple product you can sell. Accepting payments is not a problem with PayPal. The simplest example of a product to sell is creating an e-book. E.g. If you write actively about travel create an e-book like a “Guidebook To Traveling In Europe.”

    From your own experience you can write about things to do and not to do, places to visit, money saving tips, places to stay, etc.
    If you write about Home and Garden, you can write an e-book on DIY projects. The ideas are all there in your knowledge of things. You can read more about how to make money by writing an e-book.

Tips For Generating Traffic For Your Blog

  • Start by writing great original content and lots of it.
  • Update the blog with new posts on a REGULAR basis. Blogs that are updated get more traffic than blogs that are stagnant.
  • Learn basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Plenty of free information is available on this online. Understand the basics of how to write the title of the post and a few rules about writing the content. Download a plugin like SEO by Yoast for a WordPress blog.
  • Promote, and promote some more. Social media platforms seem to be the most popular way of promoting blogs and articles these days. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram seem to be doing a lot to boost blog visibility. DO NOT ignore your presence on social media. It also has a positive effect on the search engine rankings. So build that Facebook page, create a profile on Pinterest, and start sharing.
  • Share on forums. Identify other forums and blogs that are related to your own blog. Read their posts carefully and leave helpful and knowledgeable comments with the link to your blog in your signature. This gets you direct traffic and also boosts the search engine rankings. Make sure to choose respectable and authority websites to leave your comments on.
  • Paid Promotions. We have often used paid advertising through Google AdWords, Bing Adcenter, Facebook ads, etc. to actively send targeted visitors to our blog. Paid advertising only works if you are selling an affiliate product or a product of your own.

These are the major ways of making money from your blog. So start writing your first 30 posts. That’s a start. Please leave your comments  below if you have any questions you would like to ask us.

How To Make Money Writing Online

Writing jobs are in great demand online. There are many people looking for writing opportunities, just as there are people looking for someone to provide to write for them.

You will find many writing jobs online in places where these two meet like freelance websites, classified websites, various writing job websites, etc. We will mention the names of these websites shortly.

There are other ways of making money by writing online as well by doing things like writing your own blog, writing reviews, creating content to promote and sell things. (affiliate marketing). We will talk about them as well. Let’s begin.

Find an online writing job.

There are many freelance websites that have several openings and writing assignments posted by users. The advantage of such sites is that there is no shortage of assignments available and you can choose what fits your profile.

The disadvantage is that the well known names are very crowded places and you can be sure to face a stiff competition, especially if you are a recent member. You can read more about online freelance writing jobs here.

Apart from the freelance websites, there are a same well known websites and sources that only specialize in posting ‘writing jobs.’

Most of these websites are not hosting the jobs themselves, but will direct you to other websites that do. These will include job websites and search engines. A few websites where you can find writing jobs are:

Write a blog.

Writing a blog is a wonderful way to have a presence online. Many people find it a great medium to express their thoughts, share their knowledge, write about what they have and connect with other people.

After being all those things, a blog is a great way to make money by writing online. It’s hard work and may take time, but for many people it’s their favorite way to earn a living. Learn more about how to make money from a blog here.

Write Reviews.

That’s right. You can write reviews about products and services and get paid to do that too. In some cases you will be required to test the product or service in question and then write about it. Now this may sounds like costly work, and it almost is, apart from the fact that these jobs are not easy to come by. Read more about making money by writing reviews online.

Write and Share Content.

You don’t have to start your own blog to do some money-making writing online. You also don’t have to look for writing jobs. There are many content-based websites that invite people to write about anything that they are interested in. Almost all content and information on such sites is user generated.

These websites rank well with the search engines and draw a lot of traffic. They monetize their articles with ads and offer and share the revenue the article generates with the author of the article. Read more about how much money you can make by online content sharing.

Affiliate Writing.

Affiliate writing is about writing in a certain niche or genre with the intention of promoting a certain product or service in return for a commission. This is called affiliate marketing and it can be very lucrative form of online writing.

It can go hand in hand with writing a blog or you can promote products via other platforms like social media, forum posts, email, etc. Find an affiliate market place like:, find an area of interest that you are interested in writing about and get going.

There are many such networks that you can join and they all have different kinds of products you can promote. Choose and join the ones that interest you.

Make a profile on has become a very popular place for people to get things done. The number of services people are offering is staggering. Make a friendly profile on and detail the kind of writing work you are willing to do. Go through a few existing profiles to get ideas for extra ‘gigs.’

Contribute to local publications.

This works to make money with your writing both online and offline. There has to be a local newspaper, magazine or a special local edition to a national newspaper in your town.

Look for these kind of publications both online and offline as they are very often looking for local contributions without any formal requirement and qualifications except that you write well and with interesting content.

Get Diverse.

When it comes to making money online by writing, diversity is they key. Think beyond conventional work to see what all you can do. You can get a fair example of this by going through the jobs posted on a freelance websites under the ‘writing jobs’ category.

For example, you will find that some people want a resume or a cover letter written. There are jobs for writing product descriptions, letters, etc. By extending what you are willing to do, you can get more work, make more money and have more fun doing it!