Avoid Online Survey Scams

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A every single day more and more people look for opportunities to try and make extra income from their homes. More and more people try to look for ways to make money online. Just like scam artists target various other work at home opportunities the target online service as well.

The offer of making money online through the computer by filling out simple question is can sound very alluring to almost anyone. The difference between a real online survey opportunity and a scam is that a scam will make it sound more  a living than what the reality is. While taking online surveys can be interesting and fun way of making some extra money and also getting interesting gifts and rewards from various corporate and consumer companies, an online survey scams will always tell you that it is possible to make huge sums of money in tune of hundreds and thousands of dollars doing this work from home. It will promote online surveys as a work at home opportunity and tell you that it is sufficient to quit your full-time job for since thousands of people all across the world have become rich  taking online surveys.

Many work at home businesses have start up costs. Also,  Many home-based jobs and home-based businesses require specialized knowledge of certain field. If not that they’re at least require the person to undergo certain training and certification before they can start work from home. The attraction about online surveys is that almost anyone can do this job and no specialized knowledge or experience is required. Almost everyone has an experience and opinion about some product or service. Research companies started people to do market research on those very productive and services.

Since the offer of funding through online surveys is so attractive to many people the online scam artists take advantage of it. The scams pertaining to online service are plenty online. Here is how you can spot a paid survey companies scam.

How to Spot a Paid Survey Companies Scam

The  way to spot a paid survey company scam  is pretty much similar to spotting any other kind of a work at home scam. The biggest sign of a paid survey scam is when  someone asks you for money to join.  signing up with a legitimate research companies is free of cost. The scan websites will meet you believe that they have a large database of companies that offer service and want to charge you a fee to access this database. In the end they will only provide you links to other research companies which you can find for free on the Internet anywhere. We will list the estimate and main research companies in a later post. The scam artists will go to great lengths to make you believe that you can make thousands of dollars by signing up with their website. They will make you believe that they have information which is not readily available on the Internet. They will also include testimonies from the so-called happy customers that could further convince you to believe that they are legitimate. They will offer explanations regarding the charging of the fee as to cover the administrative cost and to cover the one-time handling and processing fee for providing the service.  They do not provide you any service except for a databank of hundreds of research companies most of which will be either outdated or not worth your time to sign up with.

Remember,  any paid online survey offer that requires you to pay a fee is a scam 100% of the time. Do not ever pay to join a survey company or a database.


Another sign of any work at home scam including paid survey scams is when they promise you that you can make outrageous sums of money without doing any hard work. While it is true that you can use paid surveys online to on rewards and money without necessarily having any special qualification or experience in any particular field of work, running money through online surveys is nothing that is very consistent. You may or may not receive frequent service offers in your e-mail and even then many of them may not be paying money as a rewards incentive. You may receive a few survey offers in a month or none at all. It is fairly obvious that you are not quick to get rich by doing online surveys at home. This should not be thought of as a work at home opportunity as it does not provide full-time employment or a stable income. An online survey scams will wants to make you believe otherwise and tell you that the amount of money that you can make from doing this work at home is enough to beat your salary from a full-time job. The best case scenario for someone wanting to do the work of filling online surveys from home is someone who is interested in sharing his opinion about products and services online and receiving various forms of rewards in forms of free gifts and sometimes money. The  average you can on from filling out each $5-$15.


Also a website that is shoddy and clumsy looking is not a professional website anyway. Any copywriting errors such as spellings and grammatical errors on the website means that it is a scam website thrown together by the scam artist without much attention given to professionalism. Their only goal is to scam people out of money by giving false information about paid online surveys. This does not mean that professional looking websites regarding paid online surveys are not scams. Even the professional and elaborate websites that offer long testimonials from people are scams as long as they are asking you for money to sign up. They are scams in the sense that they will only give you access to a database of links to various research companies and online survey companies which you can find for free online on several other websites anyway. Hence, you will only waste your money by signing up on such a website.

Also watch out for the survey company that asks you for too much information. These could be scam websites trying to fish out information regarding your financial details. Underestimate the search committee will ask you information such as your name, address, e-mail and phone number. This is often typically enough information to sign up with a research company. Websites that tend to ask you for your financial information such as your bank account numbers and credit card numbers should be avoided completely. These are a scam and will misuse your financial information by stealing it  and misusing it.

Finding Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

The most important thing in order toEarn money by filling surveys online is to find legitimate sources for these online surveys. This is not so difficult to do. If you keep a clear head about yourself and think logically when evaluating any work at home opportunity including online surveys you can really easy avoid the scams. Trust your gut instincts and avoid offers that seem to be true. Follow all the signs listed above which are the hallmark of a work at home scam. You can leave find a research companies that are legitimate and reputable who have plenty of clients to support sending paid online surveys to consumers wo sign up with them. Before sighing up with any survey company read more about it do the research on it. This is once again easily accomplished through search engines. You will find various resources giving information about legitimate survey companies. Check the website of the Better Business Bureau for reports about the survey companies. Remember, that paid online surveys is not a get rich scheme and is not meant to provide you with a full-time income. Any offer claiming to do so is a  scam.



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