How To Be A Better Freelance Writer

Tips you can use to succeed as a freelance writer working from home.

Writing jobIn order to succeed as a freelance writer there are some things that you can do in order to ensure that your work is better and more efficient. Ensuring the highest efficiency and the highest productivity in your work will give your career as a freelance writer more of a boost. Here are some tips and advice you can use to enhance your productivity as a home-based freelance writer.

Set up an office space for yourself

You can set up a small workspace for yourself that is only for doing freelance writing jobs from home or you can go the whole hog and set up an elaborate office. Basically this space should be conducive to home-based writing work and should have means and resources for doing things like filing away all your books and research, printing out materials, making phone calls, using the computer and Internet and of course working on your writing assignments.

Setup Ergonomic Working Arrangement

Believe me when I say this. An ergonomic work station is essential to be working as a home based writer. You will be spending several hours doing the writing work. While you may find it convenient to work on the couch with your laptop every now and then try to set up a more economic seating arrangement with a proper office chairs and table for a majority of your work. This is not only very beneficial to your posture and keeps your spine healthy, it is also important to keep productivity at its maximum. Long hours on the on the work station without proper arrangement can lead to undue fatigue reducing your work output. It can also lead to back and neck problems commonly related to bad posture. Do not take this aspect of working from home lightly. It is very realistic and practical.

Staying on Track with Electronic Calendars and Diaries

Keeping track of your progress as well as various assignments with different clients is important to stay on track. It is important to meet all your writing obligations on time. Using the electronic calendar or diary that syncs with your smart phone and computer is a good idea since you can check up on your assignments and projects even when you’re not in your office. You can utilize the time during traveling or waiting for a meeting to check up on your schedule and keeping track of each assignment.

Keeping Yourself Interested

As a freelance writer they are apt to be certain writing projects that do not interest you so much. There may be freelance writing projects that do not go so well where a particular client gets you frustrated. You may also get disheartened by the solitary nature of a freelance writing job. All this is part of the game. As a freelance writer you may be able to choose the kind of assignments that you pick up. You may choose to write only about what you’re interested in. But sometimes this choice may not be available to you. During times like this it is important to just lower your head and get through with the job. It is also a good idea to use new tools and change the way you work in order to create a change and variety in your work pattern. For example if you are mostly used to writing on a computer, you can take your pen and pad and go and sit in a nice coffee shop to work on an article. This will create a change from the monotony that freelance writing can sometimes bring. As you work progresses and you develop a reputation as a home-based freelance writer you may be able to say no to projects that do not appeal to your personal tastes. But as a beginner you should be more concerned with taking on as many reputable projects as you can in order to build your portfolio.

Get the Required Qualifications and Credentials

You may find it difficult to get a home-based freelance job in the beginning. What you need to do is to back up your profile as a freelance writer by getting a suitable degree and educational qualification in the field. You may back this up all such included with a solid experience in the field of writing. If you have prior experience in working in an editorial job with a newspaper or another publication, you will seriously boost your odds of connecting with new clients who are looking for freelance writers. You can submit your work to small nonpaying websites and magazines in order to showcase your work. Create a portfolio for yourself where you list out all your qualifications and accomplishments. It should be in the form of a single PDF file that contains all your best work with the most impressive items in the beginning of the file. Keep updating your portfolio so that your latest and more impressive accomplishments in the field of freelance writing take the place of older and less impressive ones.

Use Your Network to Build Contacts and Clients

Use the Internet to its full capability to locate clients looking for freelance writers. Since you are going to be working from home and Internet is going to be the main aim of politician it probably makes sense to start looking for home-based freelance writing jobs online. Look at the various job listing websites that list freelance assignments from small to large business clients. The nature of the assignments will range from short-term to long-term weight recurring income. If you have a prior network in your prior work place or a network of contacts to your friends and family, leverage this source to see if you can get assignments. Inform all friends and family were involved in marketing, publishing, news, media or advertising fields and provide them with your business card as these fields are very likely to require freelance writers.


How to Become a Freelance Writer

It is quite possible for a person to start working from home as a freelance writer. It is also possible to run a substantial amount of income doing this kind of work. There are however certain requirements and prerequisites that determine your success in this work. The very first thing is that you must be able to write and deliver the goods in order to do this work on a sustainable basis.

There are several clients who are looking for writers on a freelance basis in various different fields. There is no doubt of freelance writing jobs. Not all of them have to be home based jobs in the sense that freelance writing jobs are also applicable to traditional industries and fields such as newspapers, magazines, films and television writing.

Writing jobs are available to freelancers in several professional and creative fields such as medical, legal, films, advertising, publishing, technical etc. Even freelance writers for these traditional fields can do their writing  as a work-at-home job.

You need to have required skills/credentials to become a home based freelance writer

In order to become a freelance writer and be successful at it you first have to ensure that you have the necessary skills. A writer needs to be good at his vocabulary and grammar. A writer needs to be able to write in a clear manner where he understands the needs of the client and communicate to the target audience successfully. Different kind of freelance writing projects may have a different need of style and communication that needs to be implemented. One of the very important skills for a freelance writer is that he should be able to harness different styles and approaches to suit different assignments. This of course does not apply to a specialized freelance writer who writes about a specific  field. But even a specialized writer needs to get the point across to his t arget audience and do it in a manner so as to keep their attention.

Good writing is essential to the success of any freelance writer. So if you feel that your skills with grammar and vocabulary are lacking then perhaps it is time for you to get back to school or college and to a short-term course in creative writing. These short-term courses will enable you to learn the essentials of writing. This may seem like a rather obvious advice but the fact of the matter is that almost everybody thinks that they can write.

When it comes to picking up simple freelance assignments online almost everybody thinks that they can manage to do the job. But the truth is that like everything else writing is a job that requires skills and knowledge. There are things that you have to know about writing which makes all the difference between a good and bad writing. Writing skills are something that are acquired or learnt. Do not presume that it’s only writing and since you learnt how to read and write in school you can do this job. There is a big difference in knowing how to write and knowing how to write professionally.

Someone who intends to take the writing career seriously can also go in for advanced courses and maybe even consider taking a degree in writing. A freelance writer with a full-fledged degree in writing would be paid more than someone who does not have those same credentials. Just like any other job, freelance writing also demands skills, credentials and qualifications. You can have them all or a combination of them. If you’re not going for long-term course you should at least pick up a few books on writing and grammar basics.

Readiness to network and communicate to get writing work from home

In the beginning of your freelance writing career be ready to communicate and network. Picking up your first few freelance writing assignments will be the most difficult of all. This will be especially true for someone who does not have prior experience or qualification in the field.

There are several websites online that allow freelancers to apply for freelance writing jobs, however a newcomer will quickly realize that there is a large monopoly of freelance writers who have already been working in this field for a very long time and already have a portfolio to boast about.

Then there are full-fledged content developing companies who are bidding on the same freelance projects. In order to succeed in picking up your first few projects when you do not have a profile to start with you will need to be communicative  with the clients. You will need to leverage your options by doing as much networking as possible.  Start will smaller assignments and work your way up if thats what it takes.

Having flexibility and ability to write about different topics

Also, being a freelance writer will means that you will need to work on various different assignments such as writing articles, fiction, e-books and specific material for clients. You will be required to develop material in such a way as to cater to the needs of those clients. Working for corporates and companies will mean that you will have to be comfortable in meeting with administrative heads, company vice presidents and other management personnel.

You should be ready to communicate in person as well as in writing in the beginning of your freelance career. Decide what you are going to charge for your services beforehand. Practice a description of your services and your profile before meeting the client. So when questions arise you do not seem hesitant or undecided about your own abilities as well as the amount of money that you wish to charge. Freelance jobs for newcomers are often open for lot of bargaining in terms of financial remuneration.

If you are not confident about how much you want to charge for a job, the client will either decide that you are unsure of your own writing abilities or they will decide what they want to pay you. Either way, you either end up loosing the assignment all together or getting paid much less than what you wanted.

Understanding how much you can earn from home based writing jobs

The amount of income that you can generate from this work as a freelance writer will depend upon how much time and effort you are willing to devote to your startup efforts, how good you are at writing and how much are you willing to work.

You should also understand that different freelance jobs in different fields  pay differently. A freelance writing job with the media or television company may pay fairly highly as compared to  picking up online writing project for writing product descriptions for a brochure. But then conversely the amount of pressure and work involved in writing for television or media related field will be much more than what would be involved in a smaller freelance assignments that you pick up online.

Maintaining professional but cordial relations with clients

Ii is good to maintain a business relationship with the client so you can continue working for them in the future as well as to grow your reputation to attract other clients. Be in as much communication with them so as to ensure that you are delivering what the client requires from you.

Always remember to get the terms and conditions of the freelance assignment in the form of a written contract which includes all details of the work including  the payment process. Maintain a professional relationship on all fronts with your client. This keeps the working of the relationship smooth and works best for future growth as well.

Publishing your own work

If you are intending to publish a book and want to send it to a publisher then send a query letter that describes your book idea as well as your experience and qualification that back up your venture. If you have not been published previously then you should provide the publisher with that information.

If you have already finished the manuscript then you should inform the publisher that you are ready to send it to him or her as per their convenience. Many authors mail their manuscripts to several established publishers through registered post with the expectation of hearing back from someone who gets around to reading it and approving of it.

If you have previously been published then include that information in your query letter as well as that is apt to  improve your chances of getting published.

Excersizing discipline in your writing schedule

As mentioned before in order to be successful as a freelance writer you need to be organized in your approach. Working from home has many advantages one of the foremost of which are being able to create your own schedule and dictate your own work terms.

The benefits of working from home as a freelance writer include working at a comfortable time and in a comfortable zone. You can decide when you want to work, when you want to cater to other chores and activities and when you want to spend time in conference and communication with your publishers and clients.

However, if you cannot discipline yourself to writing hours and the associated activities you will quickly find your productivity dipping. Writing work is best managed when done on a regular basis with exercised discipline.

Carve out a work routine and stick to it most of the times. You know that you can be flexible when the need arises but catering to a work routine helps you to stay professional. Even getting dressed for work even when working from home, helps segregate the personal time from professional time. Segregate time for personal activities from professional working time as well.

Make a working space for yourself. Create a space where you feel professional. Let this place be the place of work only where you are surrounded with tools of your trade that will enable you to work efficiently such as comfortable ergonomic chair, writing desk, fax, telephone, computer, printer, internet access, books, research material, filing cabinets and what ever else that you may need.

The office space that enables you to work as a freelance writer does not have to be very big. It just has to be a space that helps you focus on your work and can keep you away from distractions, or keep the distractions away from u, as the case may be, so that you can do your writing job with complete concentration.

What Are Freelance Writing Jobs

What are freelance writing jobs and how can you work from home doing this work

Have you ever wondered about how you can stay at home and work on your passion for writing and turn it into an income generating job for yourself? It is possible to develop freelance writing ventures as a way of working from home.

freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing can stem from a fondness of writing or from the desire to make it a career choice. Writing jobs are perfectly suited to people who want to work from home. So, what does it take to start working at home with freelance writing work? You will need to have a good control over the language that you are writing it. This does not mean that you will need to have exemplary vocabulary and a great flourish but it does mean that you should be able to write in a clear and correct form with correct grammar and vocabulary. Taking on freelance assignments usually means that you should be able to have a good command over the English language and be able to get the point across to your chosen audience.

Freelance writing jobs consist of all different kinds of writings such as advertising copies for print ads for magazines, brochures or websites, developing content for websites and blogs, ghostwriting articles for the authors, writing product descriptions for catalogues and basically any work that requires a writer.

If you are first starting out with a home-based freelance writing job you will be surprised at the job profiles that are posted online by various people looking for the service. You will be surprised with the variety of writing jobs available for freelancers. The trick is to be good enough, persistent enough to pick up your first few writing assignments. It is a boon to have some sort of a credential or experience at the writing work  as that works to a great advantage in picking up your first assignments.

Freelance writing jobs can usually be worked from anywhere. Usually if you are looking for freelance writing assignments online it is possible for you to discover these assignments from all across the globe. You can do freelance writing assignments from across the country and from across the world as well. Your highest dependency to do this work will be on your computer and the ability to connect to the Internet in order to communicate with your client as well as to send and receive work.

Freelance writing also gives you the freedom of time. You can work when ever it is convenient to you. You can decide on a particular time that is best for it your writing ability such as early-morning or late at night or late in the afternoon when no one is home. Any incidental appointments or things that needs to be done can also be accommodated since your schedule will be flexible. Usually the emphasis for a freelance writer is on the end product. You can dictate your own hours as long as you deliver the project on time.

For a person who has an area of expertise technically or theoretically, doing freelance writing jobs in that particular field can help establish him as an expert in that particular niche area. Such areas of expertise could be medical topics, legal topics, communication, media, film making, graphic arts, software programing engineering finance, management and any other topic that you have qualifications for or experience in. Establish yourself as an expert in a particular field will help you get more specific clients and create a name for yourself in a particular sect. It also enhances your reputation as an expert and a professional.

It is important to understand in the beginning itself, that being a freelance writer means that you basically dictate your own hours. Hence, it is equally important to exercise discipline and organization in the way that you approach your work. Without discipline and organization it is easy to find several other things encumbering on your professional work. Maximum productivity in freelance writing work from home can be managed if you approach it with an organized fashion. Separate your writing hours from all other chores and activities as much as possible. Treat your work professionally and you’ll get the same treatment from your clients. In order to build a reputation for yourself as a professional home-based freelance writer you need to develop high-quality writing work and cater to high quality writing jobs from clients of good profile. The better you work, the happier your clients will be and the more success you will have in increasing your work. It is easy to have a full-time home-based job doing freelance writing which can be a very well-paying work at home indeed.