What Happens When You Sign Up With A Surveys Website

After you have signed up with a paid survey site, you instantly get access to their database of paid survey companies as well as your own dashboard. The way to maximize the offers in your dashboard is to complete your profile in as much detail as possible. The second thing to do is to keep signing up with more and more research companies available to you in your account. You can do this gradually take the first couple of weeks to sign up.

You will also find tools and tips on your personal dashboard that will allow you to streamline the process of filling out these surveys online. You will learn how to best manage doing this work so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it. You will get the tools to fill out the surveys faster. You will also be able to see beforehand what each survey is worth. The following is an example image of what your personal dashboard may look like:


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The websites that we recommend you join come with a 60 day trial. You have to pay to join but you can ask for a refund anytime in the next 60 days after signing up. The refund is processed by Clickbank, which is one of the largest online payment processor for digital services and products. There will be no questions asked and your refund will be processed instantly. Therefore, you really do not have anything to lose by giving this a try.

How Many Surveys Will You Get In Your Email

The number of surveys you get depends on your profile and how many research companies you are a member of. You increase your chances of qualifying by filling out as much details about yourself in your profile as possible. You can get started by just filling out the basic information but filling in detailed information means that you can be targeted much more specifically by businesses who are looking for consumers who match your description.

There is no reason to over-think what the ideal profile is to receive maximum offers. Different companies and businesses look for different kind of consumers. For example, a soft drink company might want to hear more from teenagers whereas a formal apparel company might want to hear from the middle aged section. The demographics of the consumer also matter.

In a nutshell, the more the search companies you sign up with, the more offers you are likely to get qualified for. As your exposure to different research companies increases, so does the number of paid survey offers in your email. Therefore, the 2nd important step is to find the right research companies to sign up with. As already mentioned, different surveys reward the survey taker in different ways. Some offer cash whereas other offer free gifts, and enrolment in sweepstakes as well as free trials of consumer products like mobile phones and kitchen appliances.

When you sign up with a survey website, you instantly get access to a large database of paid surveys. This is your best bet and the best method for signing up with multiple research companies in the quickest time possible. Searching for them yourself is time-consuming. In addition, you will be in a better position to see what rewards are being offered for each survey. Otherwise you may end up wasting a lot of time signing up with businesses that do not offer what you are looking for.

What Are The Rewards For Filling Online Surveys

What are the rewards of online survey? Some offer cash, others offer gift vouchers, enrolment in sweepstakes, free trials of products and services and more.

The fact is that you can make this a win win situation for yourself. So how does one get to take part in these paid surveys? This is a slightly tricky question. Joining any paid research company is free. However, joining is no guarantee that you will start getting free surveys in your email. A lot will depend on your profile and what companies the research business is working for.

If the business requirement matches your profile description you will be qualified to give opinions. If not, then you will not receive many offers in your email. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to sign up with multiple research companies. You can find several online.

This increases your chances of getting qualified for more survey offers. There are hundreds of research companies out there. Can you find all of them on your own? Can you tell which ones will be more profitable than others? I guess not.

This is where the paid surveys websites come in. These website offer you access to a database for a subscription fee. This fee is nominal and usually has many perks to it. For example, each time you log in to your account, you will be able to see instantly the number of surveys available to you, how much it’s going to pay and how long it’s going to take to finish.

You also do not have to waste time and effort looking for the best research companies. They are all in one place. Signing up with multiple offers is much faster as you can use your account profile to do this.

How Much Can You Earn With Paid Online Surveys

It is true that you are likely to get a very wrong impression about how much money you can actually on my filling out paid research offers.

It is true that the websites that promote working from home might give you the impression that this is a complete work at home opportunity and you can make several hundred and even thousands of dollars every month doing this work. This information is probably false and misleading. Sure, it is possible to make this amount of money with paid online surveys and some people have done it. That is a one off thing and it does not happen too often. The likelihood is that it is not going to happen with you as well.

Another thing to understand is that not all surveys are paid with cash. Several companies prefer to reward the survey takers in form of gift vouchers, the products and services and in other forms such as enrollment in sweepstakes.

However, at the same time, it is equally possible to make a couple of hundred dollars every month just by giving a few minutes of your time. So, if you get into this work believing that you are going to make a lot of money by answering a few simple questions, eventually, you may lend towards the belief that this is a home-based scam. However, if you stay realistic right from the beginning, you can surely benefit by earning extra money every month by giving a few minutes of your time and sharing your honest opinion about various products and services.

What Are Paid Online Surveys?

First things first: what are paid surveys that one hears so often about? Why are they touted as a home based work opportunity?

Paid online surveys are questionnaires for consumers out forward by companies and business who want to conduct a consumer research. This research is done for their own products and to get a better grip on competitor trends. Who collects this data?

Market research is a big big thing in the business world. No business will take one step without using market research to determine market trend. There are research businesses and companies that do this. Companies like Think Panel that specialize in market research and there are many more big ones as well. So, what is one of the best places today to find the consumer? It’s the Internet.

Earlier you could find surveys in your postal mail. Now it is presumed that most of the consumers access the Internet in one form or the other. Another great thing is that this is such an economical approach for the businesses. Sending emails is negligible in cost as opposed to trying to locate target customers and mailing them questionnaires. Therefore, at the end of the day, the result is that businesses are looking for consumers to give their opinions online.

Depending on their product or their service, they want to know where their target customers are going to eat, what they like to spend their money on I.e. clothes, vacations etc. and many more questions like this. They want to know how many people have used their product, how many are happy with it, how many are going to the competitors and such. Knowing the consumer brings the companies closer to their marketing goals and brings about tremendous advantage in their research and development.

There are many more aspects of why the small and the big Fortune 500 companies want to hear your opinion. In addition, the important thing is, they realize what your opinions are worth. Therefore, they are ready to offer incentives to the consumer to encourage him to share his honest opinion. That is where the rewards come in. Alternatively, what are otherwise known as paid online surveys.

List of Legitimate Paid Survey Companies

research companies

Note: If you want to make a respectable sum of money by filling out paid surveys, finding a few free websites online is not the answer. You will not have enough surveys coming your way. You need a data base access that gives you access to hundreds of market research companies so that you have at least a few paid surveys to take in your email every week. Follow our recommendation in the sidebar to gain access to one such very popular database. This company is quiet popular with people and it goes to say that the reason is that it helps them make money every month from home. We wish you all the best.

In this post we have compiled a list of legitimate research and paid survey companies that you can sign up with. These companies will periodically send you questionnaires and surveys in order to seek your opinion on various production and services. On singing the questionnaires from these survey companies is the fun and cool way for finding various rewards and gifts for free.

Remember always to be honest in giving your opinion and feedback to these questionnaires. You are being rewarded with free gifts for your genuine input only.

Always remember that when contacting any website you should never have to provide your credit card information or pay a fee to register on the website. No legitimate website pertaining to online surveys and research companies will ask you for any kind of a registration fee to sign up. Registering with these companies is always free.




Harris Interactive


NPD Group

SurveyPolice– This website allows survey-takers to rate survey sites across a range of criterion: speed of payment, reliability of website (doesn’t crash during surveys), quality of customer service, recruiting practices, adherence to privacy standards, etc. It then uses this data to rank the sites, and posts the top 10 survey sites on its homepage. SurveyPolice also allows users to file complaints against survey sites, and attempts to remedy them.

Volition– This widely respected website provides a database of “the best” paid survey sites based on pay and other criteria.

More will be added as they are found. Keep checking back.


Tips for Making Money With Online Surveys

paid research surveys

These are a few tips for getting the maximum result out of fitting online surveys. Many advertisement on many websites will make you believe that it is possible to earn  abnormally large sums of money by filling out surveys online. They will make you believe that you can run a full-time income into thousands of dollars doing this work from home. According to mean this is not a very clear picture. While it is possible to earn some extra cash and on several rewards in the form of gift coupons, dining vouchers and consumer gifts filling out online surveys a full-time income is really not possible. In order to be making a substantial income doing this kind of work means that you should at least be filling 20 to 30 surveys everyday which pay you on an average of $10 per survey. In a realistic scenario this situation does not arise.

However these tips will help you maximize what you can  through online surveys.

Be patient

You may need to be patient with this job initially. First of all you will take some getting used to filling out questionnaires  For 20 min. to 45 min. This will of course seem much more towards the wild once you start getting your first payments. Secondly the offerings may be slim in the beginning. This means that people who initially start out with survey companies may get service less frequently and may receive the typically lower paying service. As these consumers progress with doing this work regularly, the research companies may start sending them  more surveys which have a higher payout. In order to save yourself some time in filling out the service you can also use an auto filler.  A form auto filler is used to fill the common basic information in all the surveys such as your name and address information. The rest of the fields that are variable which require you to answer different questions will of course have to be filled by you.

Take your work seriously

You’ll stand a better chance of making  money from filling online surveys if you take this work seriously. Even if you have a full-time job somewhere else and he was just trying to do this on the side, try to set up a schedule where you can devote a certain time to fill out the survey offers that you get in your e-mail. It is just possible that you get enough survey offers in your e-mail which actually requires you to devote a couple of hours into filling them out. If this happens and you find it worth your while to devote that time to doing this work from home then you will have to organize or rearrange your schedule accordingly.

Use A List

Now I know that asking you to pay to get access to a list of paid surveys might not sound too kosher. But the fact is that by spending a few dollars you get access to all the names and resources in one place. You also get all future updates and additions. This to us is a big time saver and worth the money. The other option is that you search online and compile the list yourself. Here is one resource you can use. CLICK HERE.


In order to receive a substantial number of survey offers in your e-mail, you should sign up with many research companies. But take the trouble to only sign up with the estimate and the well-known ones as they will be the ones sending you gentlemen offers from the best corporate clients and businesses. Many times the search companies send out an initial feeler email  for a survey  offer. This e-mail has a few questions that determines whether you are suitable for the survey that they have available or not. So even if you receive five survey offers in your e-mail on one day,  it is possible that you may not qualify for even one. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and get as many survey offers in your e-mail as possible is provided that you have the time to devote to filling them out.

Answer the Questionnaire with All Honesty

Be honest when filling out the questionnaire for the online survey. Your opinion is genuinely required by the research companies in order to better the product and the service. The answers given to questions are usually aggregated and no one answer is usually tied back to an individual. So there is no reason to be hesitant about being honest. There is really no point in giving untruthful answers as they will not help you one way or the other. Giving honest and truthful answers is the quickest and will enable you to fill out  genuine opinion and information in more surveys.

Are Paid Online Surveys Worth the Time and Effort?

Are Paid Online Surveys Worth the Time and Effort?

paid research surveys online

The Question whether doing the work of filling online surveys and trying to on an extra income from home in this manner is worth the time and effort or not does arise. In my opinion it should be clearly understood that filling out online surveys that pay you for sharing your opinion online about this product and services are not a work at home opportunity.

Many work-at-home websites will have you believe that you can make a substantial income doing this kind of work at home but in my opinion that is not necessarily the case. The number of surveys that you receive in your e-mail will depend a lot upon your demographic profile as well. There is no way to determine whether your profile just have to sign up with a few legitimate research companies and try your luck.

In any case people on a few dollars for each survey and in many cases are reported not with cash but true gift vouchers and enrollment in sweepstakes. Making money on the side by filling out online surveys cannot be a substitute for a full-time income. It is not consistent and not sufficient to be considered as a regular full-time income. While it is possible to make considerably larger sums of money by participating in focus groups, these are even more seldom than getting offers for taking surveys in your e-mail.

Start by creating a separate e-mail to use when signing up with various research companies. this will help you segregate personal mail from the mails you receive for taking surveys online. It is possible that you also open yourself up to some spam e-mail when you sign up on certain websites. Although all the legitimate survey company websites will guarantee that they do not share your personal information with any third parties, you still might get targeted with spam one way or the other. Luckily, the spam filter engines in modern versions of e-mail providers such as Gmail and Yahoo are pretty effective. In any case it won’t hurt to have a completely separate account which you use solely for the purpose of signing up with the survey companies and receiving survey offers.

Many survey companies also send out samples of products to survey takers. Some will give fancy prizes like gift cards, electronics and even vacation offers.

Many will feel that trying to make extra money through online surveys is not really worth the time and effort because first of all not that many offers for online surveys come about on a frequent basis  Nor do they pay very large sum of money. Most of the paid survey offers specially in the beginning will be in the range of $2-$5.

Completing your demographic profile and filling out your complete information can also be crucial to receiving more  Survey offers in your e-mail. Most companies who want to conduct research on their product and services are looking for specific people that work in specific fields or have a certain kind of background. Getting targeted effectively with companies will require that you provide as much information about yourself as required other search companies.

It is also possible that if an individual takes surveys regularly for the first few months they start receiving more offers regularly. It is also possible that given the advent of time the consumer starts receiving survey opportunities that are higher-paying or better rewarded.

The best advice that can be given right now is that if you are starting to do this work for the first time, be patient with it and try to go about it in a systematic manner. Determine for yourself whether you are getting reasonable results in the first 4 to 5 months of doing this work regularly or not. Please do not hesitate to share your experience with us on this website by posting your valuable comments to this post. We would love to get more from you.


Are Online Surveys Legitimate?

Is taking online surveys for money or free gifts legitimate work?

paid surveys legitimate

Online surveys exist for the purpose of gaining marketing and research information from people who fit a certain demographic profile. Large businesses and corporations who provide consumers with various products and services like to get the feedback from regular customers in order to help them with their research and their development techniques. Getting honest answers and feedback from consumers help them improve their product and increase their business. By a filling out online surveys from estimate corporations and businesses you are helping these businesses to further modernize and develop their products and services according to the needs and requirements of contemporary consumers.


There are many research companies and online websites tat services such corporate clients. If you’re interested in learning and extra income from home you can sign up with these research companies for free in exchange for which there will send you surveys on various products and services as and when they are available with them. TheNumber of surveys that you will receive will fluctuate and depend upon several factors. There might be certain months in which you receive a lot of survey offers whereas in another you might not receive any offers at all. Fortunately, there are many research companies that offer legitimate surveys to consumers. This  Where you can increase your chances of receiving more offers from survey companies in your e-mail. Running through paid online surveys is not a means of generating full-time income. Many survey companies will not pay the survey takers in form of cash but reward them with  gift coupons, dining coupons, enrolling them in sweepstakes etc.


How do you start earning with Online Surveys?

In order to start planning by taking online surveys the first thing you need to do is sign up for free with various reputable and investment research companies that offer surveys from their various corporate and business clients. The easiest way to do this is to do a Google search on a term like “online surveys”. You should find several websites providing links to various research companies where you can sign up for free. Ignore non-professional looking websites and especially the websites that are asking you to sign up with them for any kind of a fee. Simply look for websites that offer links to the websites of other research companies. It is even better if you do not click on the link directly but Note down the name of the research company mentioned and then do an independent Google search for the name and click the link from the search engine result page.

Once you’re on the website of the research company you can create a username and password for yourself This is a simple process where you will need to provide only basic information such as your name e-mail address and maybe your address is what. After you have signed up with the research company you can log in and completed demographic profile but answering questions about your age, race, gender, income and other interests. I’m sure these questions will determine which surveys from which products you are eligible fro. Different  companies look for different demographic profile to see opinions from on the product and services.



How to Earn By Filling out Online Surveys

Different service from different companies will remunerate the consumer differently. Smaller surveys  will pay only a few dollars whereas larger ones can pay up to $15-$20 as well. After you have signed up with various research companies the odds are that you will start receiving periodic offers in your e-mails. Many times thees research companies will send you feeler e-mail which will have a few basic questions.   Depending upon the answers you give to these few basic questions the research company will determine whether you meet the exact criteria of the survey are not. If you qualified you will be  send the entire survey which you can build online and submit. You will be awarded either in cash or in points Many companies allow you to accumulate points which can be later redeemed for cash through a check or by direct submission in your PayPal account. Many research companies also reward their members by giving them a gift vouchers, dining coupons, consumer gifts and by enrolling them in the sweepstakes for a much larger sum of money.

Not all surveys will require you to qualify in our feed your e-mail. Some surveys may be sent to you directly with the amount of renumeration applicable mentioned in the e-mail. If you are going to be paid in cash then this typically ranges  From $5-$15


Sign up with more than one reputable and the judgment research companies so as to increase your chances of receiving the survey offers. Filling out surveys can be a time-consuming process where a single survey can take you anywhere from 15 min. to 45 min. However, if you are doing this work in your spare time and you enjoy sharing your opinion and experiences on different products you will probably not mind spending your time doing this work. The fact that you’re going to be either making a little more cash on the side or getting some free gift certificates doesn’t hurt either.


Differentiate between the real paid survey companies and the fake ones

It cannot be mentioned enough times that you should avoid a companies and websites that ask you to create a fee in order to take online surveys. Signing up with various research companies that offer the consumer paid service is completely free. All the major research companies and the legitimate ones allow people to sign up for free and offer them paid surveys offers based on the demographic profile. The websites that ask you to pay a fee to join will never provide you with paid online surveys directly. All they will do is charge you to provide you with a database of links of other research companies that you would have found yourself easily on the Internet. Signing up with these research companies is free anyway. There are plenty of websites and links available through search engines for websites where you can sign up to receive online surveys.




Avoid Online Survey Scams

paid surveys

A every single day more and more people look for opportunities to try and make extra income from their homes. More and more people try to look for ways to make money online. Just like scam artists target various other work at home opportunities the target online service as well.

The offer of making money online through the computer by filling out simple question is can sound very alluring to almost anyone. The difference between a real online survey opportunity and a scam is that a scam will make it sound more  a living than what the reality is. While taking online surveys can be interesting and fun way of making some extra money and also getting interesting gifts and rewards from various corporate and consumer companies, an online survey scams will always tell you that it is possible to make huge sums of money in tune of hundreds and thousands of dollars doing this work from home. It will promote online surveys as a work at home opportunity and tell you that it is sufficient to quit your full-time job for since thousands of people all across the world have become rich  taking online surveys.

Many work at home businesses have start up costs. Also,  Many home-based jobs and home-based businesses require specialized knowledge of certain field. If not that they’re at least require the person to undergo certain training and certification before they can start work from home. The attraction about online surveys is that almost anyone can do this job and no specialized knowledge or experience is required. Almost everyone has an experience and opinion about some product or service. Research companies started people to do market research on those very productive and services.

Since the offer of funding through online surveys is so attractive to many people the online scam artists take advantage of it. The scams pertaining to online service are plenty online. Here is how you can spot a paid survey companies scam.

How to Spot a Paid Survey Companies Scam

The  way to spot a paid survey company scam  is pretty much similar to spotting any other kind of a work at home scam. The biggest sign of a paid survey scam is when  someone asks you for money to join.  signing up with a legitimate research companies is free of cost. The scan websites will meet you believe that they have a large database of companies that offer service and want to charge you a fee to access this database. In the end they will only provide you links to other research companies which you can find for free on the Internet anywhere. We will list the estimate and main research companies in a later post. The scam artists will go to great lengths to make you believe that you can make thousands of dollars by signing up with their website. They will make you believe that they have information which is not readily available on the Internet. They will also include testimonies from the so-called happy customers that could further convince you to believe that they are legitimate. They will offer explanations regarding the charging of the fee as to cover the administrative cost and to cover the one-time handling and processing fee for providing the service.  They do not provide you any service except for a databank of hundreds of research companies most of which will be either outdated or not worth your time to sign up with.

Remember,  any paid online survey offer that requires you to pay a fee is a scam 100% of the time. Do not ever pay to join a survey company or a database.


Another sign of any work at home scam including paid survey scams is when they promise you that you can make outrageous sums of money without doing any hard work. While it is true that you can use paid surveys online to on rewards and money without necessarily having any special qualification or experience in any particular field of work, running money through online surveys is nothing that is very consistent. You may or may not receive frequent service offers in your e-mail and even then many of them may not be paying money as a rewards incentive. You may receive a few survey offers in a month or none at all. It is fairly obvious that you are not quick to get rich by doing online surveys at home. This should not be thought of as a work at home opportunity as it does not provide full-time employment or a stable income. An online survey scams will wants to make you believe otherwise and tell you that the amount of money that you can make from doing this work at home is enough to beat your salary from a full-time job. The best case scenario for someone wanting to do the work of filling online surveys from home is someone who is interested in sharing his opinion about products and services online and receiving various forms of rewards in forms of free gifts and sometimes money. The  average you can on from filling out each $5-$15.


Also a website that is shoddy and clumsy looking is not a professional website anyway. Any copywriting errors such as spellings and grammatical errors on the website means that it is a scam website thrown together by the scam artist without much attention given to professionalism. Their only goal is to scam people out of money by giving false information about paid online surveys. This does not mean that professional looking websites regarding paid online surveys are not scams. Even the professional and elaborate websites that offer long testimonials from people are scams as long as they are asking you for money to sign up. They are scams in the sense that they will only give you access to a database of links to various research companies and online survey companies which you can find for free online on several other websites anyway. Hence, you will only waste your money by signing up on such a website.

Also watch out for the survey company that asks you for too much information. These could be scam websites trying to fish out information regarding your financial details. Underestimate the search committee will ask you information such as your name, address, e-mail and phone number. This is often typically enough information to sign up with a research company. Websites that tend to ask you for your financial information such as your bank account numbers and credit card numbers should be avoided completely. These are a scam and will misuse your financial information by stealing it  and misusing it.

Finding Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

The most important thing in order toEarn money by filling surveys online is to find legitimate sources for these online surveys. This is not so difficult to do. If you keep a clear head about yourself and think logically when evaluating any work at home opportunity including online surveys you can really easy avoid the scams. Trust your gut instincts and avoid offers that seem to be true. Follow all the signs listed above which are the hallmark of a work at home scam. You can leave find a research companies that are legitimate and reputable who have plenty of clients to support sending paid online surveys to consumers wo sign up with them. Before sighing up with any survey company read more about it do the research on it. This is once again easily accomplished through search engines. You will find various resources giving information about legitimate survey companies. Check the website of the Better Business Bureau for reports about the survey companies. Remember, that paid online surveys is not a get rich scheme and is not meant to provide you with a full-time income. Any offer claiming to do so is a  scam.