Data Entry Job Scams

Data entry jobs scams are one of the most predatory work at home scams. Avoid them at all costs.

Why Data Entry Job Scams Are Successful

These kind of scams are very common and have had an appeal to a multitude of people because of the nature of the scam. As the description for these kind of jobs would suggest, people would be very inclined to think that data entry is something that anyone can do without any substantial experience in the field. This is one of the most important fact that people perpetrating this scam take advantage of. They will claim that you can make money simply by filling out simple forms online or off-line  as various companies need  to build their databases in a particular format. Without getting into why this is a completely bogus and unpractical claim, you should know that these kind  of home-based job offers are a complete scam through and through. In fact they are one of the worst online home based job scams around  and have ripped off countless number of people.  you will not make a single dollar from  a so-called data entry job.

Do Home Based Data Entry Jobs Exist?

It is true that genuine data-entry jobs that can be managed from home do exist but these jobs can be found through legitimate sources and not through online Google ads and  the one page dedicated websites that you were very commonly  find promoting these kind of offers.

The need and requirement for data entry operators arises in all kinds of companies and all kinds of businesses.  Any kind of  research on database requires people who can do data entry. Even small differences  require data entry operators from time to time and  many times it is these small businesses and companies that hire data entry operators to operate from home. It is  these small business operators that offer telecommuting jobs  to  data entry operators.

However, at the end of the day the person applying for the data entry job has to have some qualification such as a fast typing speed and even an experience in handling certain forms of database. Certain kind of data entry jobs will require the person to put in the information in a specified software. Either the person should already have experience in that software or training is provided as long as the basic skills required for a home-based data entry operator such as an accurate and fast typing speed along with the required equipment such as a computer, word processor, telephone and fax as well as an Internet line  are present.

Different Kinds of Data Entry Jobs Scams and How To Spot Them

The legitimate data entry jobs will come from a specified source. It will be clear as to who the employer is, what the data entry job is about and how much it is going to pay. Data entry scam offers on the Internet never tell you who you are going to work for.  The name of the employer is never mentioned on data entry scams website. They will just give you a vague idea of filling in forms and typing in data for something without a clear purpose. Genuine data entry jobs are always done for specific databases and for a specific purpose. Whenever you are doing data entry job for a genuine company you will know exactly  what the data is that you are inputting. The data entry job scams usually provide you with a list of names, addresses and phone numbers which they pluck out from a phone directory.

a genuine data entry job will  probably have you been putting many different formats of information such as names, progress reports, numbers, batch sheets, product information etc, all depending upon  which business you are doing the data entry job for.

There are many variations of  to the home based data entry job scams. Some will ask you to subscribe online by sending the money through a credit card and provide you with a username and password where you will be able to access a certain database of names and addresses and phone numbers and input them in online forms. Others will mail you a list of names and addresses on sheets of paper or on a CD’s and ask you to input them in an Excel file or Word file.  the matter what the format, if it is a data entry job that you have read to subscribe to and to get information for and you do not happen no who exactly you are working for them it is a scam. If you do not know the name and address of your employer and know it to be a proper physical business that sells a product or service then the data entry job is a scam. Always bear this in mind and you will be able to avoid all the home based data entry scams always.

The Irony of Home Based Data Entry Job Scams

The irony about home-based data-entry job scams if that most of the people are able to tell that something is not right right from the beginning. Most of the people are aware of the fact that the offer that they are reading is too good to be true. Most of the people are skeptical or at least extremely surprised by the kind of offers that is presented by the means of data entry job scam.  yet, the fall with them to exactly the same scam.  The reason is that scams like home based data entry jobs prey on some vital emotions of a person. They prey on the kind of people looking desperately to work from home, specially the kind of people who have no skills or experience. There are lots of house wives and moms who have not pursued a career in their lives. There are people who have been laid off from work in bad economic time. The home based data entry job scams will take advantage of these people by saying all the things that give them hope.

They will claim hundreds of dollars of income every day, hence relieving the applicant from burdens of unemployment debt, mortgage and what not. These offers will promise them everything that they dreamt about. And all for the cost of signing up for a few dollars.

You may be someone who has heard of data entry job scams.  they have been around for many years. Someone who is aware of online job scams and specifically the data entry job scams may think that it  only requires a bit of common sense to  spot the home based data entry job  scam. However,  you will be surprised at the number of people who are exposed to  single day these kind of scams  every single day. Millions of people get online for the first time in their lives every single day. Many of these people get online for the specific purpose of finding a home based job. Whenever you do a search for a home-based business or home-based job on the search engine you do get bombarded by offers and advertisements from many scam websites. All of these people who do not know better  are susceptible to these scams.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By A Home Based Job Offer

The home based data entry scams  are one of the worst and the most  predatory form of work-at-home scams. Avoid them at all costs and help others avoid them as well by spreading this information around among other people and work at home moms who you think might be susceptible to these kind of scams. If you have ever been made a victim of any such scam, report the website to the Better Business Bureau and to the Local State Attorney General’s office. The local authorities do keep an eye out for scam businesses and make an effort to shut them down.

Also post as much information as you can on various blogs so that other people can find it before getting scammed by the same company.

Some places where you can find legitimate data entry jobs is freelance websites, job hunting websites as well as to these estimate data entry job companies that hire people to telecommute from home.

Always remember… Never EVER work for someone that requires you to send money without giving you a physical address and someone to talk to beforehand.

Just this one simple rule will safeguard you with more than 90% of the work at home scams.

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