Direct Selling And Multilevel Marketing Scams

MLM Home Based Job Scams – Why You Should Avoid Them

While jobs related to direct selling and multilevel marketing do not exactly come within the scope of the work at home scam, many of them actually are just that.Direct selling jobs and multilevel marketing jobs that a person could do on their own from their home and on an independent basis were first started by respectable companies like Amway, Avon and Mary Kay.

Direct Marketing Jobs and MLM Schemes have a lot of competition making is difficult to succeed and earn money

These were all respectable and well-known companies that had good quality products that people could sell directly to the people and build a business for themselves working at home or at least working on their own and on an independent basis. The the problem is that following suit there are several bogus work at home offers present  that imitate the structure of the programs followed by these companies. Multilevel marketing is all about building a downline of customers and resellers. These resellers are often created by selling your product to them in the first place. Although resellers in your downline that you have inculcated into the company will OU permissions on the product that they sell as well. So it goes to say naturally that the more members you have in the downline the more commissions you stand to make. This wasn’t such a problem till sometime back when the opportunity was still fresh and there was still a lot of scope for everyone. However, what is happened now is that the industry is heavily saturated. For someone to start afresh and to make a killing in  this business is difficult.  since you probably will have an outline as well as a downline means that there will be people above you in this multilevel marketing scheme who will have a claim on your share of profAa as well which further reduces your income.

The competition is tough and it is extremely difficult to build a home based business out of the direct selling and multilevel marketing programs in  today’s date.

Many direct selling and MLM schemes online are untrustworthy and nothing but WORK AT HOME scams that are only designed to fool others in parting with their money

Now we come to the scam part. While the multilevel and direct selling schemes offered by the respectable companies like Avon and Mary Kay were not scams, many such schemes have sprouted on the Internet whose sole focus is to build downlines without an emphasis on the product. In many cases the product simply might be missing or  it might be non-descriptive or completely useless product. The idea is to keep forming a downline that keeps paying the upline.  This  is an outright work-at-home scam. It will not succeed for a very long time and could even implicate you in activities that have deemed to be unprincipled and illegal.


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