4 Drawbacks to Working from Home


Now that you have read about the advantages of working from home, it is time that you learnt about some the disadvantages of the adverse side of choosing to work from home. Most of these points are merely flip points what you read as the beneficial reasons to work from home.

Not all will be disadvantages to everyone and a lot will depend what your requirements from your own life and career are as well your temperament.

Balancing time with  work and family

The most common problem that will arise can also be the easiest to take care of. Even though you are working from home, you will have to set boundaries between the time that you share with your family and kids and the work that you devote to your work. Even though you are at home the demands of your children and home requirements must be separated from the time given to your work. That is the only way to maintain productivity and keeping things sorted out. Kids should learn to appreciate the time that you are supposed to be working and you must set apart time for household work. The advantage here of course is that you can set the time schedule according to your own needs.

Missing the Office Atmosphere

Many people who work from home will miss the social atmosphere of the office. Meeting with colleagues, making friends and being a part of a work environment are all part and parcel of going to the office. Work from home means that you may miss all of those. Working from home means that you have to create your own work environment. You may have to be content with working  in a solitary environment unless you have a home business and employ other people and also entertain clients and customers. Many people may find that working from home without the facilities and environment of a proper office reduces their productivity. Although this may be just a matter of time and may take some time getting accustomed to.

Career Vs. Family

Unfortunately, while telecommuting is allowed in many kinds of job profiles, full time telecommuting is not likely to be possible for top job positions. Everyone works from home once in a while but top job positions require presence in the office. They require presence for meetings, traveling etc. It is also possible that if you choose to telecommute full time you get passed over for promotions. So working from home is choice that you might have to make where you strike a balance between career and family and prioritize each according to what you want to shape things for yourself.

Setting Ground Rules for Family

you cannot hope to work with the approach that since you are working from home you can devote time to family and job when you choose to. While you have decided to work from home for your kids and family, there will have to ground rules that set boundaries for all between work time and family time. Even the children will need to understand that and abide by it.

These in short are some of the drawbacks of working from home. There can be many off shoots to the points mentioned above with some situations being better or worse for the person depending upon the individual and individual circumstances.




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