Earning Extra Money and Free Gifts With Online Surveys

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Taking online surveys is a legitimate way of earning some extra money in your spare time. While you should not expect this kind of home-based work to make you rich and to provide you a full-time income, it is a tested way of earning rewards in form of cash and consumer gifts from various research companies.

Taking online surveys is a welcome way of getting extra money with checks in the mail all payments through PayPal. It is also a welcome way of earning shopping coupons, gift vouchers, dining coupons and various other consumer gifts.

How online surveys work

The ways online surveys work is as follows. A number of companies and incorporates that provide a product or a service to the consumer’s like to get an opinion about their product. It is a part of their market research and development. Sending out online surveys to potential consumers through e-mail and getting a direct feedback from them is a cost-effective way of conducting market research. Several research companies online do the job of profiling people who sign up with them for free. They have a complete demographic profile of the person along with the area of residence, age, sex as well as certain information such as consumer products owned, mobile service and Internet service used, travel routine, dining habits etc. When the companies contact these research companies to conduct a market research for them they send out a tester e-mail and questionnaire to the people who have signed up with them. This feeler e-mail contains a few short questions which determines whether your profile is set to take the survey they have from the client or not. If the profile of the consumer meets the requirements then the consumer allowed to take the survey in return for which he/she is rewarded with cash or gifts. The renumeration process of each research company and each survey differs. So join the research company whose reward system most interests you. it is advisable to join as much research companies as you can in order to receive a sufficient number of surveys. Even the research companies that typically offer gifts to the consumer for taking the service may offer surveys for  money from time to time.

The easiest way to locate the service is by joining a survey company or a market research group. There are several of these online. We shall talk about the various reputable research companies online in a later post. You should be careful before joining with any research company and should avoid any that want to charge you money for signing up. Joining research companies to take online surveys is a free process and any company that tries to charge you money is a work-at-home scam.

Be sure to include as much information about yourself while signing up. While the initial signing up process a short, you need to complete your demographic profile in order to be targeted for service. Complete all the questions that are required to be answered. The more detailed your demographic profile the more chances you have of receiving servicing your e-mail.

Avoid the Home-Based Online Survey Scams

When searching for any home-based work opportunity you are bound to run into several scams. Taking online surveys is no different. If you use your  presence of mind you will be able to spot these online survey scams easily. They will promise you an extravagant income by doing this kind of work. These kind of websites and advertisements will tell you that you can quit your full-time job and make thousands of dollars by completing online surveys. This is not the truth. Taking online surveys can be something fun to do along with  getting rewards in terms of consumer gifts and even money from time to time. Most importantly, the scam websites will ask you for money to sign up with them. They will ask you to send the money with the promise of providing you information on online service that will help you earn hundreds  and thousands of dollars. Avoid these websites completely. All they will do is providing links to research companies which can be found easily online anyway.  Not  only that but they may confuse you by listing hundreds of research companies in the database some of which may be completely outdated while mostly will not be active enough to be worth your time.

On an average online service, when offering money, offer between $5-$15 for finishing the survey. You also need to be careful of survey offers that offer you substantially more. These   are mostly scams a well.

Advice for Taking Online Surveys

Almost all the best survey and research companies are free for signing up. It is best to find a reliable directly of Internet survey companies and sign up with them. It could be a good idea to  create a separate e-mail ID that you use for signing up with research companies. Although good research companies do not share your information with third parties without your express permission, you could still open yourself to receiving junk mail from other not so conscientious ones.

This  also also helps in  organizing your e-mail related to survey offers differently. Since it does not get mixed up with your general e-mail you will find it easier to sort through the survey offers.

Determine a time that is good for you for filling out online surveys. This work can be done at any time so choose a good time and check for survey offers regularly at that time. It  is usually better if you go about this work in a more organized manner. Hence choosing a time to do this work at home will help you be more productive.  Above  all try to have fun when you do this work. Fill out online surveys with all honesty in your leisure time and above all try to have fun when you do this work.


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