Creating an Effective Blog Design For Better Monetization

Creating a blog with an effective Web design and layout is important to interest the visitors as well as to monetize the blog effectively through advertisements and affiliate product offers. the

You can implement web design and web layout features in your blog without having a specialized knowledge of HTML. Many blogging software is allow you to easily manage your navigation links and the overall layout of the content with a few clicks of your mouse.

Here are a few simple ideas which you can use to make sure that your blog is clean and attractive to people who visited. The same tactics can show that the block design and the web layout is most conducive to generating sales and revenue through advertisements and various other products that you might be selling

Sidebar Placement on Your Blog

It is generally advised to have a sidebar placed on the right-hand side of the page. This is because the left-hand top corner of the page is supposed to be a good place to place your affiliate links or advertisement. Some people prefer a page without a sidebar which is all right if you have a navigation menu on top or at the bottom of page.But having a sidebar on the right allows you to place many features into your webpage such as a search box, a list of recently posted articles etc. A sidebar on the right can also allow you to place affiliate links and advertisements.

Ad Placement For your Blog

The top left-hand corner of whether content begins discussed that to be an area that generates an effective and higher revenue. This area supposed to have a high click through rates for advertisements and affiliate products. The same is true for the top right-hand corner and the bottom left-hand corner of your post. These are good areas for you to  place your advertisement.

When implementing advertisements on your blog it is a good practice to make sure that the visitor is aware that the links being displayed our advertisements to external websites and products and not a part of your website navigation.   Do not ever try and deceive the people visiting your website into clicking on an ad. This is an unethical practice and could get you banned from your Advertisement program as well. It is a good idea to point out clearly and effectively that the links displayed are advertisement links.

keep the layout of your advertisement simple and use colors that either blend in with the colors of your blog or use  contrasting colors that make them stand out. These are the two main color strategies that are used when posting contextual ads on a blog.

Creating an Effective Navigation System fro Your Blog

The navigation of a blog is an important aspect as it ensures that a person is able find much more information on the blog.  person may have landed on your blog on one particular page through a search engine result of your search marketing campaign. But in order to take full advantage of this was the, he should be encouraged to browse through other pages as well. For this reason it is important to have linked pages that are related to the content on any particular page as well as links to all other sections of the website that can be browsed just as easily. Many content management systems allow you to place a navigation system in your sidebar or on the top that contains links to all previous categories and topics in your website as well as putting links for 5 to 15 recent articles that you have published. You can also create a navigation system by tagging your posts and listing these tags in your sidebar.


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