Envelope Stuffing Jobs Scam

Envelope stuffing scam is many years old and has transitioned from being an offline scam to becoming an online scam.

Another kind of scam that goes around has to do with envelope stuffing jobs.  The funny bit is that this job sounds so strange light from the very outset that anyone should be able to spot this as a scam right in the beginning. I mean which company or business concerns will pay someone for putting letters in an envelope when there are machines that can take care of this job.

At some point of time this job used to be handled by people when a company needed to send out a lot of flyers, letters, and notifications etc. for their product or services. All those offers and brochures that you receive in your mail someone has obviously done the job of putting them in envelopes. But the very thing that sets these Internet offers for envelope stuffing jobs at home apart is that they do not come from any specific company. Just like any other scam you will once again find a website that is offering you a home-based opportunity and a home-based job that allows you to make money by stuffing envelops but for whom and where it does not specify. more over, this very website will ask you to send them money before you can register to do the job. This is the very hallmark of home-based  job scam.

Let us say that there is a company out there who is looking for people to work on a telecommuting basis to stuff flyers and letters for them into envelopes. The very first thing that will be made clear to you is who is the employer and they will certainly not want to charge you to apply for the job. When genuine employer looks for a person to work in their office or at home they are more concerned with finding the right person with the right qualifications and ability rather than charging them for money up front and just floating out there offer to millions of people through the Internet.

Envelope stuffing jobs at home are a complete scam. Do not trust any such offer that you find on the Internet through various advertisements and websites. What we usually happen is that you will receive information from these people if you do get any,  telling you to stuff envelopes  with letters containing the same offer that you fell for  and made it to random people in the mail asking them to send you money  where you send them the information that you received in the first place in turn and tell them to carry forward this chain of mailing letters.  This is not only a scam but  also comes under the category of mail fraud.  many such outfits and programs have been investigated and shut down by the US postal mail service.


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