An Introduction To Working From Home

There is so much to cover when you want to build resources for a work from home portal. Over the years there are so many websites and so many programs that one sees. All speak about working from home with businesses, jobs and opportunities. Very few, maybe only a handful have ever some close to proving to be anything useful. Sure there are hundreds if not thousands of them out there. But they offer nothing helpful. First things first, we want to tell you to absolutely remove the notion from your mind that Internet jobs exist that make you hundreds of dollars a week for doing inane things like data entry, form filling, emailing etc. They are SCAMS. it does not matter what they they. You will find dozens of other that say the same thing. It is not going to happen. Please read our SCAMS section to get an update on this. You will be amazed to see what other wise intelligent people fall for.
Like I said there are perhaps a handful of websites that provide USEFUL information regarding working from home. I am not saying that they are just going to go ahead and get you hired. But they will show you some real home based job opportunities. I will stress here one more time that you should not expect jobs like filling and typing 4 line forms to make you 100s of dollars a day or a week. They will be a lot like regular jobs and while they will not ask you for money to apply, they WILL ask you for your RESUME and EXPERIENCE. They are more like regular jobs that one does anywhere else with the exception that you will be allowed to telecommute i.e. work from home home.
One of the best things that you can do if you want to work from home is to tap in to your own skills and strengths and start a home based business. You can do anything from tutoring, craft making, cooking, catering, own a franchise, day care, florist, writing etc. There is no end of opportunities. You need to look at the community around you and see what you could possibly start on a small scale that would do well. We will include a section on home business ideas and franchise opportunities her as well. Use the internet to find home based work, but do not think of working on the internet if you are looking for a job. Jobs like that that ask you to pay up to join promising you magnificent returns are all scams. Any offer that promises huge returns on a relatively small investment is just that. A fraud. Making and earning money takes work. There are NO exceptions.

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