Google Work At Home Job Scams

The advertisements for home based jobs and business kits that you come across on the internet are work at home scams.

This post is about exploring the various advertisements and offers that you see online very often regarding work at home jobs from Google. Are these offers for home-based jobs and home-based businesses that supposedly are from Google for real? The answer is no. Almost all of such offers that you will see on the Internet that are rom Google and offer you home-based opportunities are all scams.

Google Work At Home Scam That Charges $2 for approval

There are basically two kinds of offers that you will see online that are supposedly from Google. One home-based job offer from Google is that this company will claim to charge you a nominal fee like two dollars in order to screen the serious applicants for home-based opportunities that exist at Google. The scam is that while two dollars  is relatively a small sum the credit card of the individual will get charged by much larger amount on a monthly basis.

Google Work At Home Scam That Offers Home Business Kits

The second form of scam regarding the home-based Google jobs is that you will find these various business kits being offered that was supposedly let you in to this big secret on how to set up a business online overnight that will help you generate thousands of dollars through Google AdSense. While it is true that you can monetize your website or blog with the use of the Google AdSense program doing this to set up substantial source of income takes a lot of hard work and time.

Common Advertisements for Google Work At Home Scams

It is common to see ads like these or to receive them in your e-mail:

“Make Money with Google”, or the one I most recently received (multiple times), “Work on your own schedule with bonus Google Kit”. Some of these even had the audacity to use a return email displayed as “Google Business Solutions”  which will make you think that the e-mail is from Google itself.

The bottom line of all this is that Google does not offer any kind of home business kits. It does not sell any home-based opportunity through its AdSense program or any other program. If you come across any such offers they are from third-party websites and people who are trying desperately to scam you out of your money. Do not ever fall for the scam that is offering you a home-based opportunity or home-based job from Google by charging you a nominal amount of two dollars or so. These scam websites will do their best to keep charging your credit card bill at the time that you cancel your credit card.  they can and will charge you  $80 $200 every month on a recurring basis till the time that you cancel your credit card. While they might mention that you can cancel your subscription anytime,  this clause will usually be  muddled up with of lot of loopholes. They are not building a customer base with the intent of providing them with a genuine service or product. The aim of such scam websites offering work-at-home opportunities is solely to steal the credit card numbers of people and to charge them as much money as possible till whenever they can which is usually to the time that the consumer cancels his credit card with the bank.

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission has filed lawsuits against a few of these scams that were running Google work-at-home opportunities online.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), filed a complaint in Nevada US District Court on June 22nd, in the case:

Federal Trade Commission vs.:

  1. Infusion Media, Inc., a corporation, also d/b/a Google Money Tree, Google Pro, Internet Income Pro, and Google Treasure Chest;
  2. West Coast Internet Media, Inc., a corporation, also d/b/a Google Money Tree, Google Pro, Internet Income Pro, and Google Treasure Chest;
  3. Two Warnings, LLC, a limited liability company;
  4. Two Part Investments, LLC, a limited liability company
  5. Platinum Teleservices, Inc., a corporation;

Collectively referred to in the complaint as “The Google Money Tree Corporate Defendants”, along with four individual officers of these companies. The complaint seeks immediate as well as permanent injunctive relief (stop doing what you’re doing) and “other equitable relief” (monetary damages and/or other actions deemed appropriate) from the court.

The complaint outlines the following counts:

Failure to Disclose Material Terms

False or Unsubstantiated Representations Regarding Income

False Representations Regarding Affiliations

The FTC also lists violations of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, which provides that a “preauthorized electronic fund transfer from a consumer’s account may be authorized by the consumer only in writing”.

The filing of the lawsuit by the federal Trade Commission against these scams and sleazy operators   who are nothing else but thieves  is very welcome news for people who have been scammed in the past with these bogus offers and for the rest of us who absolutely detest the presence of such vermin  amongst honest  hard-working people looking for genuine work at home  opportunities.



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