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Call center jobs are also telecommuting in nature. It is possible to work from home by running a virtual call center from home. There are companies that offer these jobs at home. It is a growing and popular trend. Call center jobs at home require a skill set as well as certain infrastructural requirements. You can find work as a call center operative both as an independent contractor and an employee. The basic requirements for a home based call center job are fluency in English, with fluency in another foreign tongue may be a plus if the company deals with international clients.

call center jobs at home

The payment for a home based call center job could be as a fixed salary for the employee or on a project or hourly basis. Both full time and part time operations are possible.

The equipment required on the very basic level is a fast Broadband or DSL internet connection with a dedicated line as well as a dedicated phone line along with an up to date computer.

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