How Does the Virtual Call Center Agents Get Paid

A home based virtual call center agent can get paid on the basis of number of hours spent on calls, number of minutes or on our per call basis as well.

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Home-based call-center agents in sales can also be given a commission based on the number of sales that they generate. You should understand the criteria for your payment perfectly well from the call center company before you take on the job offer.

Is there a commission involved? What is the minimum base pay? How many hours of work does the company promise to provide?

Certain companies paid the agents only for the time spent on a call. They do  Get paid for the time they spend waiting for the call comes through. Whereas certain other companies pay their home-based agents for on call and off call times as well.

It is common to start working as a home-based call-center agent at the rate of about $10 per hour.

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