How Much Can You Earn As A Home Call-Center Agent

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Do you get paid for hour or on a per call basis? Work as an employee or an independent contractor? Is there a minimum number of hours guaranteed to you by the call center company? Are there any minimum wages involved?

This is not such a simple question to answer. How much money you make working from your home as a call center agent will depend upon a lot of factors. The number one factor determining the wages that you make will be the number of hours that you work. Some  call center agencies require a minimum fixed number of hours from agents every month whereas others have no minimum limit and do not  promise a minimum number of hours either. Sometimes yo get paid on the basis of the number of calls you take  whereas In other situations you are paid on a per hour or per minute basis. Some call center companies will pay their agents for the number of hours they spend on the phone as well as the number of hours they spend off it. This kind of an arrangement is mostly reserved for agents who are employes with the call center agency and not freelance contractors.

A freelance contractor may be assigned to a particular client and may have to take training again when the work with that client is over and its time to pick up another client.

Be sure to ask the following questions in order to get an idea of the amount of money you can expect to make from your work as home based call center agent.


Will you work as an employee or an independent contractor?

Will you receive minimum wages or minimum work guarantee from the company?

Are you getting paid on a per call, per hour, per project or per minute basis?

Are there any sales and commission involved?

Will you have to pay the company any fee to re qualify for a different client?

Are there any recurring fee and charges? (Avoid these companies and work at home offers).

Will you have to pay for any training that you might have to undergo? ( If yes, then avoid these companies)


Once you have got these questions answered, you will be able to calculate the money that you can make with your home based call center setup. Throw in all factors and expenses that will be a part of your work set up, like day care, buying equipment, overhead etc. You may also compare these costs with the money that you are going to save with working from home such as commute, work wardrobe, cafeteria lunches etc.


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