How to Build a Better Blog

Building a better blog and avoiding common problems. These are a few helpful suggestions in which you can avoid a number of common problems that occur with many bloggers. It is important to run your blog is the clearest possible because pacing problems and hindrances can demotivate you. If something awkwardly happens to reduce the productivity of your blog or damages the reputation, you can find the entire process of making money from blog spiraling downwards from there. These are some of the common problems that a blogger can face and how you can easily counteract them before they happen.

Make Regular Backups of Your Blog

Your blog exists on a content management system on a website. Anything can happen to you blog such as a hacking attack or the failure of your posting system which can result in the loss of your entire blog. This means that all the hard work that you put in over the past few months or even the past three years can just disappear overnight. It can be an almost impossible process to build it up again quickly which can result in a lot of loss of revenue. In order to avoid a situation where you lose your blog and your source of income, you should make constant backups of your blog. Many content management systems and blogging software has come with plug-ins that allow you to make regular backups of your blog as an automated process. The blogger gets backed up automatically every hour every day or every week as the choice that you make in the settings. This blog backup can be backed up on a particular folder on your server or can be e-mailed to you.

If you are not using a blogging platform that has a built-in backup process involved you can use an FTP program to download the entire copy of your website periodically.

Maintaining a List of Ideas for Articles

Many bloggers feel that a certain amount of time did not have any ideas to contribute to the blog in terms of content. Many bloggers also get bored with writing for the blog after some time. In order to make sure that you do not writers block at any one time because of which you cannot keep the content on your blog fresh and active, you should maintain a list of ideas for articles that can be written in the future. Make a note of these ideas as they occur to you. You do not have to act on the image it be but it is almost like a bank of articles that you can work on in the future.

Also, whenever you find yourself getting bored with writing on your blog do something different. If you’re used to writing articles for your blog in your home-based office, shift the location and go and sit in a coffee shop or by the beach and do your writing from there.

Diversifying Your Revenue Stream

If you are using your blog to generate income for yourself, it is important that you have a variety of sources of income present on the same blog. If you have one affiliate program that works well for you try and develop another affiliate program or another social income through a contextual advertisement program that generates a stream of income for you as well. Basically for the adverb which says to not place all your eggs in one basket. If something would go wrong with one advertisement program or an affiliate program, you should have another source of income to fall back on your blog. Things can happen that can interfere with a particular contextual advertisement or an affiliate program. The company that the affiliate program belongs to may choose to end their affiliate program because they have generated enough sales or they might decide that it is not a profitable venture for them or they might decide on a different marketing strategy. Or the company may go out of business. If such a thing happens you should have an alternative stream of income happening on your blog.

Prevent Downtime on Your Blog

If you are using your blog to make money, Any downtime that your website faces means that during that time people were trying to come onto your blog will not be able to find. This loss in viewership of your blog could result in a loss of revenue. If downtime happens on your blog on a regular basis then it could mean a substantial loss of income. In order to prevent downtime on your blog always use a good web hosting service. In fact if you have a free block then services like WordPress and blogger from Google offer a pretty good uptime for your website. If you are hosting a website yourself with a domain name then choose a reliable web host.

These are the few common practices that you can use to avoid facing any heartburn from anything going wrong with your blog. Using a blog that your work hard on for a long time can be an event that many bloggers cannot recover from. But it is easily taken care of by using preventive measures discussed here like making regular backups of your blog. The idea behind treating a blog can be sharing your views with the rest of the world or it can be generating A source of income. Create the opportunity for multiple income streams on your blog and he will safeguard that aspect of your blog as well.

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