How To Make Money Writing A Blog

Writing a blog to make money is a great idea and a successful one, if you are ready to make a long term commitment to the process. Millions of people earn through their blogs and so can you.

If you know nothing about starting and monetizing a blog, it’s a learning process. Making a successful blog to the point where its making money also takes time. So be prepared to work on it. However, it’s a very gratifying and enjoyable process.

Here’s how you make money by writing a blog.

  1. Find something enjoyable and interesting to write about. People have started their personal blogs on so many different things and ended up making money from them. But, the writing comes FIRST and the money later.
    For example, a young mother decided to share her everyday experiences online, the issues she faced and the solutions she tackled them with. It was an interesting journey that every young mother faces when raising a baby. The blog became immensely popular.
    You also need something you really want to write about. Writing on topics of interest is the best way to create unique content repeatedly and relentlessly. You will also not get bored doing it. Staying inspired while writing a blog is important because you are going to have to do it regularly if you want your blog to make money.
  1. Your first 30 posts. Write 30 articles on your blog before you consider monetizing it. The most common and easy method of blog monetization is by joining an ad serving network like Google AdSense and Microsoft Bing.
    But do not try to join the programs just yet. They will not approve of your site for many reasons. We will talk about this in detail shortly. Your first 30 posts give your blog a decent identity and depth. This is important for a good user experience, another important facet of successful money making blog.
    These posts also test your commitment level. If you cannot create this content, you will know that your chances of monetizing your blog are slim. 30 quality posts on your blog are key, with the intention of posting regular updates.
  1. Join an Ad Network. Once you have posted substantial content on your blog, its time to start monetizing it. There are the names of some of the most popular ad networks that you can join. This is also known as PPC advertising (Paid per click).
    When your blog is approved, you will be provided with a small code to place on your website. Relevant ads are mostly contextual in nature, which means that the advertisements match the content on the page.
    For example, if the blog is about a holiday you took, the ads may be about discount airline bookings, holiday destinations, etc. Basically contextual ads try to match the interest of the reader by matching to the content of the page. When a reader clicks on an ad, you earn money.

    Joining AdSense and Bing

    These are 2 prominent ad serving networks to monetize your blog. They have certain conditions that your blog must fulfill if its to be approved for their programs.

    You can read more about their terms and conditions here. For example, Google AdSense wants your blog to be at least 6 months old, have organic traffic and provide a good and safe user experience. Read more about user-experience policy here.

    Similarly, while a little more relaxed in their rules, Bing Ad Network requires your traffic to be from mostly US, Canada, and UK.

  1. Join An Affiliate Network. A great way to monetize your blog is to start promoting a product that matches what you write about. This is where affiliate networks come in. Affiliate networks are places where vendors offer commissions to people who promote and sell their products on their blogs. You, as the seller, are known as an affiliate.

    For example, if your blog is about travel, you can provide an e-book on photography. If its about crafting, you can have ads for craft supplies stores. Every time someone buys something by clicking on your ad link, you earn a commission.

    Commissions on digital products like e-books and e-courses are as high as 75% of the sale value. Good vendors also provide the tools you need for selling like banners for ads, promotional email etc.
    There are some of the well known affiliate ad networks. You can view the products and services they offer for sale before you decide which ones to join.

  1. License Your Content. This is another hassle free method of making money with your content. Other websites pay to borrow and use the great content you crate for your blog. Check out this website. It’s an example of a website that pays you for using your content.
  1. Get Traffic. This step comes before any of the above monetization steps. You need people visiting your blog in order to make money from it. “Traffic” is the single most important factor in making money from writing a blog.

    No advertising program or affiliate network will amount to anything if there is not one coming to your website to see those ads and products. In fact, Google AdSense will not approve your blog for their ads if you don’t have organic traffic. So what do you do? Keep reading for tips on getting traffic to your blog.

  1. Create your own product. One of the best ways to make money by writing a blog is to create a simple product you can sell. Accepting payments is not a problem with PayPal. The simplest example of a product to sell is creating an e-book. E.g. If you write actively about travel create an e-book like a “Guidebook To Traveling In Europe.”

    From your own experience you can write about things to do and not to do, places to visit, money saving tips, places to stay, etc.
    If you write about Home and Garden, you can write an e-book on DIY projects. The ideas are all there in your knowledge of things. You can read more about how to make money by writing an e-book.

Tips For Generating Traffic For Your Blog

  • Start by writing great original content and lots of it.
  • Update the blog with new posts on a REGULAR basis. Blogs that are updated get more traffic than blogs that are stagnant.
  • Learn basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Plenty of free information is available on this online. Understand the basics of how to write the title of the post and a few rules about writing the content. Download a plugin like SEO by Yoast for a WordPress blog.
  • Promote, and promote some more. Social media platforms seem to be the most popular way of promoting blogs and articles these days. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram seem to be doing a lot to boost blog visibility. DO NOT ignore your presence on social media. It also has a positive effect on the search engine rankings. So build that Facebook page, create a profile on Pinterest, and start sharing.
  • Share on forums. Identify other forums and blogs that are related to your own blog. Read their posts carefully and leave helpful and knowledgeable comments with the link to your blog in your signature. This gets you direct traffic and also boosts the search engine rankings. Make sure to choose respectable and authority websites to leave your comments on.
  • Paid Promotions. We have often used paid advertising through Google AdWords, Bing Adcenter, Facebook ads, etc. to actively send targeted visitors to our blog. Paid advertising only works if you are selling an affiliate product or a product of your own.

These are the major ways of making money from your blog. So start writing your first 30 posts. That’s a start. Please leave your comments  below if you have any questions you would like to ask us.

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