How To Make Money Writing Online

Writing jobs are in great demand online. There are many people looking for writing opportunities, just as there are people looking for someone to provide to write for them.

You will find many writing jobs online in places where these two meet like freelance websites, classified websites, various writing job websites, etc. We will mention the names of these websites shortly.

There are other ways of making money by writing online as well by doing things like writing your own blog, writing reviews, creating content to promote and sell things. (affiliate marketing). We will talk about them as well. Let’s begin.

Find an online writing job.

There are many freelance websites that have several openings and writing assignments posted by users. The advantage of such sites is that there is no shortage of assignments available and you can choose what fits your profile.

The disadvantage is that the well known names are very crowded places and you can be sure to face a stiff competition, especially if you are a recent member. You can read more about online freelance writing jobs here.

Apart from the freelance websites, there are a same well known websites and sources that only specialize in posting ‘writing jobs.’

Most of these websites are not hosting the jobs themselves, but will direct you to other websites that do. These will include job websites and search engines. A few websites where you can find writing jobs are:

Write a blog.

Writing a blog is a wonderful way to have a presence online. Many people find it a great medium to express their thoughts, share their knowledge, write about what they have and connect with other people.

After being all those things, a blog is a great way to make money by writing online. It’s hard work and may take time, but for many people it’s their favorite way to earn a living. Learn more about how to make money from a blog here.

Write Reviews.

That’s right. You can write reviews about products and services and get paid to do that too. In some cases you will be required to test the product or service in question and then write about it. Now this may sounds like costly work, and it almost is, apart from the fact that these jobs are not easy to come by. Read more about making money by writing reviews online.

Write and Share Content.

You don’t have to start your own blog to do some money-making writing online. You also don’t have to look for writing jobs. There are many content-based websites that invite people to write about anything that they are interested in. Almost all content and information on such sites is user generated.

These websites rank well with the search engines and draw a lot of traffic. They monetize their articles with ads and offer and share the revenue the article generates with the author of the article. Read more about how much money you can make by online content sharing.

Affiliate Writing.

Affiliate writing is about writing in a certain niche or genre with the intention of promoting a certain product or service in return for a commission. This is called affiliate marketing and it can be very lucrative form of online writing.

It can go hand in hand with writing a blog or you can promote products via other platforms like social media, forum posts, email, etc. Find an affiliate market place like:, find an area of interest that you are interested in writing about and get going.

There are many such networks that you can join and they all have different kinds of products you can promote. Choose and join the ones that interest you.

Make a profile on has become a very popular place for people to get things done. The number of services people are offering is staggering. Make a friendly profile on and detail the kind of writing work you are willing to do. Go through a few existing profiles to get ideas for extra ‘gigs.’

Contribute to local publications.

This works to make money with your writing both online and offline. There has to be a local newspaper, magazine or a special local edition to a national newspaper in your town.

Look for these kind of publications both online and offline as they are very often looking for local contributions without any formal requirement and qualifications except that you write well and with interesting content.

Get Diverse.

When it comes to making money online by writing, diversity is they key. Think beyond conventional work to see what all you can do. You can get a fair example of this by going through the jobs posted on a freelance websites under the ‘writing jobs’ category.

For example, you will find that some people want a resume or a cover letter written. There are jobs for writing product descriptions, letters, etc. By extending what you are willing to do, you can get more work, make more money and have more fun doing it!

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