List of Legitimate Paid Survey Companies

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Note: If you want to make a respectable sum of money by filling out paid surveys, finding a few free websites online is not the answer. You will not have enough surveys coming your way. You need a data base access that gives you access to hundreds of market research companies so that you have at least a few paid surveys to take in your email every week. Follow our recommendation in the sidebar to gain access to one such very popular database. This company is quiet popular with people and it goes to say that the reason is that it helps them make money every month from home. We wish you all the best.

In this post we have compiled a list of legitimate research and paid survey companies that you can sign up with. These companies will periodically send you questionnaires and surveys in order to seek your opinion on various production and services. On singing the questionnaires from these survey companies is the fun and cool way for finding various rewards and gifts for free.

Remember always to be honest in giving your opinion and feedback to these questionnaires. You are being rewarded with free gifts for your genuine input only.

Always remember that when contacting any website you should never have to provide your credit card information or pay a fee to register on the website. No legitimate website pertaining to online surveys and research companies will ask you for any kind of a registration fee to sign up. Registering with these companies is always free.




Harris Interactive


NPD Group

SurveyPolice– This website allows survey-takers to rate survey sites across a range of criterion: speed of payment, reliability of website (doesn’t crash during surveys), quality of customer service, recruiting practices, adherence to privacy standards, etc. It then uses this data to rank the sites, and posts the top 10 survey sites on its homepage. SurveyPolice also allows users to file complaints against survey sites, and attempts to remedy them.

Volition– This widely respected website provides a database of “the best” paid survey sites based on pay and other criteria.

More will be added as they are found. Keep checking back.


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