Money Back Guarantees Are Worthless!

Money back guarantees in all the home based programs are hogwash and and eyewash. You will NEVER get any money if you decide you want it back. Do not fall for it.

If you are signing up with any work at home program just because it has a Money Back Guarantee, think again. All those so called ‘Iron Clad’, ‘No Questions Asked’ guarantees are nothing that they are ever going to honor. Read the fine print. They have their backs covered. None of it will ever hold up even if you decide to file a formal and legal comlaint against them. And face it, no one is ever going to do that since it costs decidely more to pursue a matter than what you have paid them in the first place. That is what these spurious websites with bogus guarantees are counting on.
A few common example of the these so called guarantees are:


“$300 CASH GUARANTEE! (Good for 1 Full Year)…. I’ll bet $300 CASH on your
success. That’s how sure I am that you’ll make MONEY with my
program…………… I’ll pay off my bet and send you $300 just for trying.
Now that’s an IRON CLAD guarantee!”….


ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE THAT YOU’LL SUCCEED!…. Send for my proven money making
program today. Spend about 30 minutes reading the simple step-by-step
instructions. If you give my plan an honest try and haven’t made at least
$1,000.00 within the first 10 days, simply return the complete package and
your $24.95 purchase price will be refunded immediately….. I guarantee
everything I’ve told you is 100% true, and can make you a lot of money,
quickly and easily.


“MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…. The $100 AN HOUR system is so remarkably profitable
that I want you to examine it without taking any risk whatsoever. Here’s
how. Order the $100 AN HOUR system right now. When you receive it, fill in
the simple worksheets and mail them to the address I supply. If you don’t
receive a check for $100 for every hour you spend filling in the simple
worksheets, simply return the program within 60 days and I’ll rush you a
complete refund of your purchase price! How’s that for assurance? You either
make $100 AN HOUR using this spectacular new system, or you get a refund.
With my unconditional money back guarantee, there is no way for you to lose.”


YOU CAN’T LOSE!…. Believe it or not, some people will put this remarkable
opportunity on a shelf and do absolutely nothing with it, and for this reason,
it would be impossible for us to send expensive supplies to anyone and
everyone who asks. So we charge a small “good faith deposit” of $39.95, which
we will REFUND IN FULL just as soon as you stuff your first 500 envelopes
according to our simple instructions! What could be easier?”


“Get my Fast Cash System! Put it to work for you. If after 60 days you do not
have the same experience as I had with this system, simply return all
materials for a complete refund of your purchase price. Even if you don’t
like my system for any reason, my guarantee still stands!”

With all the above examples you are ever going to be able to extract one single cent from the company. They are vaugue and twisted in their wordings. They require you to submit proof that you have tried making money following their tricks which they send you when you subscribe. These things are either unethical and illegal, just like the scam they are running or they are just plain impossible to do. As for the unethical and illegal bit, please read all our articles on all the various kinds of scams being run like envelope stuffing, data entry, form filling, transcription etc. to know that what you will have to end up doing is not what you expect and not what they claim to be selling you.
As to sending you tasks impossible to perform, let me share with you two of my experiences.
I will describe them in short as I have covered them in detail in other sections.
I joined a data entry/typing program where I was told that I would be send a list with names and addresses and phone numbers and I would need to type them in a table format in Microsoft Word. When I finished I could email them the file and I would be paid.
What i recieved was a copy of a few pages from the Phone Directory! And they had been reduced in size and printed in such terrible quality that they were impossible to read! Thousands upon thousands of names that were unreadable. I tried everything. I scanned the pages, make them bigger and reprint them but nothing worked. That is when I realised that they had done a deliberate and a professional job of making these pages unreadable! This is the example of a job that is impossible to do. You will never be eligible for getting your money back!
The second program that I joined let you download PDF file of names and address and wanted you to type it out in Excel sheets. There were more than 5000 names and amount of spelling mistakes permitted in names, addresses, phone number was 5! If you made more than 5 mistakes your work got rejected! And they promise money back after the completion of the first 2 projects. Another one that leaves very little room to be elligible for a money back.
There is a very important information about such scam websites and businesses. Did you know that these websites and scams regularly keep shutting down and re starting under a different name and even from a different place? Investigations have revealed that several of form filling rackets and envelope stuffing rackets have been shut down by the post master general and the authorities repeatedly for running suspicious and fraudulent activities. But these companies do not remain in one place for long enough only to lure innocent people on the Internet into buying their programs. Once they have collected enough cash under one alias, they simply shut down completely along with their website, phone no. etc. Even if you do try to get your money back, you will find no trace of them as they will have started work under another name and maybe even place.
Needless to say in the example of the above two examples that I have given of fraudulent home based jobs programs and just as bogus money back guarantees, both those companies became non-existent shorlt after I first joined them.

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