Online Surveys Scams

This is again a form of making money that is promoted as the work at home  enterprise.

While not purely a scam, Online Surveys are not a WORK AT HOME opportunity either.

While it is not exactly a scam is not a full-time work at home job or  a home based business either. Quite simply  speaking there or research companies is an online that want online users to take various kind of surveys for their products and services from different companies. These research companies conduct these surveys by building a database of consumers and send out surveys for different products and services based on the demographic profile of the person.

How Online Surveys Work

Different companies need feedback from consumers time to time and this is where the research companies do the job. According to the requirements of the company wanting to test a particular product or serving the wants to target a specific audience and seek an opinion on their product. In return of giving their opinion the search companies offering information item in form of gift cards or money.

Where the scam of Online Surveys Starts

Because this kind of activity does happen, making money through online surveys from your own home is not considered to be a complete scam. However, there are various websites that offer to sell you a list of companies and websites that pay you for taking these surveys. While the list provided my these companies may be genuine the scam part is that this list can be accessed for free by doing a search engine search.
Secondly in order to sell you this list they make promises of giant income of hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.  This is nowhere close to the truth. While you can take surveys and make money online by doing it for various research companies, you cannot expect to make a reliable or a substantial income doing this kind of work.

Why you will never make money working at home with Online Surveys

The website selling you the list of the survey companies will make you believe that there are hundreds of companies with hundreds of surveys which you can take from the comfort of your home every single day spending just a few minutes filling out the questionnaires and earning between $5-$15 per questionnaire.
The fact is that there are not so many surveys available online. Even though there might be many research companies, the test audience for every product  is different. Every product and services is tested according to the demographic requirements of the product company which may or may not qualify you as a survey taker. This means that every once in a while you will receive offers to take a survey and even then the renumeration offered may not necessarily be money. You may be offered a gift card or a free sample of the product.
It is quite all right to  sign-up with research companies and receive offers to take surveys every now and then in your e-mail. It can even be pleasant to receive a few checks in your mail or money in your PayPal account. What is not right is for some websites to build up hope  and make pass this off as  a work at home opportunity that will allow you to make a substantial income on a regular basis. This is not going to happen. Many people take on  filling out online surveys and taking part in focus groups because they enjoy doing it. Focus groups pay even more players than online surveys and they to pay much more than an online survey. However, this happens rarely and usually targets a very select audience.

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