Different Kinds Of Work From Home Scams

The commonest scams that you should not become a target of. They could not only cause you to loose money but get into problems with the law. You could pay a fine and even imprisonment.

We have written about the data entry scams and frauds in another article. In this one, we are going to discuss some more. What you need to know about some of the prevalent frauds is that they are not just about getting you to pay them a few dollars. Some of them could get you into serious trouble with the law. There is a well-known incident of a woman who got imprisoned because she got taken in by one of the scam schemes involving money transfer after she responded to a classified on the Internet. That is another story and you can read in the follow up article.
I have personally fallen to victim of work from home scams and thankfully ended up loosing some money and not on the other side of the law, which CAN and DOES happen if you are not careful.
Scams regarding making huge sums of cash from home do not just come in the form of fraudulent websites. They can be classified ads on and off the internet and they can also arrive to you in the postal mail.
You need to know that if it sounds too good to be true, then it really is. If it feels like a scam, be careful. We understand you may need the money but all you are likely to end up doing is loosing even more money and even have a run in with the law. Its just not worth it.
One of the reasons why ‘Work From Home Scams’ are so despicable is that they exploit and cheat the people who can least afford it. The people who are most likely to fall victims to work from scams are the people who are hard up for money. They want desperately to believe that this so-called ‘program’ will be the end of problems for them.
I have had people tell me that they do not even have the money for the registration and so are going to borrow. I have done my best to discourage them from sending money to these companies. Some of them saw sense while others did not.

Here are a few examples:

Form Filling / Data Processing / eMail Proseccing for seemingly professional Companies, Stores, Malls etc:

The latest is the example of a person who is known to me. She has been laid off from a garment retail chain owing to the recent cutbacks all across the US. She did not get the promised position as they could not afford to promote her. She was in desperate need of money and she came across advertisements and subsequently the website. The website was not a typical data entry or home typing website. It was a professional looking interface saying that they paid you for processing data for a store front. They had customers in their database and what you needed to do was process this information in a data sheet such as excel and send them emails with product deals and updates. Now, anyone would say that this sounds like a legitimate work option as all the big retail stores maintain a database for their customers and so send them updates on product deals and discounts via email and sms. The catch? You have to pay $150 to join this work. No matter how professional the website sounds, please know that the real employers DO NOT ask you to pay to join. Have you ever heard of any one saying that they went for a job interview and were asked to pay up to join? The companies hire people out of necessity and are just as eager to find able people. And yes, the malls and retail chains use people to send email and maintain databases, but they have an office and employ people the regular way to work even from home. The biggest companies like FedEx and Boeing employ people to work from home. They will never ask you to PAY to join a job.

Money Email Scam
I have received emails and faxes for this scam countless times. The Better Business Bureau reports that this scam has been around for ages, however, with the dawn of email it has taken on a whole new life. The fund fraud transfers scams can come to you through email, fax, or even by personal mail. The sender, who claims to be a government official or member of a royal family, requests assistance in transferring millions of dollars of excess money out of Nigeria and promises to pay the person for his or her help. The message is always of an urgent, private nature. Although the country primarily listed is Nigeria, I have seen other countries listed with the same urgent news.

Those willing to assist are asked to provide their banking account number, Social Security number, birth date, and often times other personal information. Or they are asked to send money to the letter-sender for taxes and various fees. Victims will never see their money again and the con artist pockets the money.

You may think that there is no way that people could fall for such a ridiculous scam, but the FBI reports annual losses of millions of dollars to just these types of schemes. In fact, some victims have actually been lured to Nigeria, where they were imprisoned.

If you should receive an email of this nature immediately delete or throw away any such correspondence. If you have already, however, responded to this scam or know someone who has, please contact the U.S. Secret Service as soon as possible by phone (202.406.5572) or by email (419.fcd@usss.treas.gov) immediately.

Assembling Products and Crafts Work
This is a hugely gray area when it comes to working from home to earn money. There are lots of companies that are out there who will scam you into sending them money to buy supplies to make craft products of them. We can say that about 90% of them are scams and not real. But there ARE some GENUINE companies that pay you for this work. Do not pay anyone to get the list of the companies. It is available free on www.assembleandearn.com. It is a completely free resource and tell you how to proceed with this work if you want. However, typically how this scam words is that you send a company money to send you supplies to put together different types of crafts, bows, or other type of small project. You send hundreds of dollars to the company for supplies who have claimed they will pay you “x” amount of dollars if you put the items together as instructed. You will invest hours of your time into putting these crafts together only to have the company tell you that you did not meet the “standards” for the work that they have sent. They will then send the materials back to you that you will be stuck with the items and you will also be out a bunch of your own money which you had invested.

UPS & Federal Express Recovery Scam
Do not get roped in with this home based work scam just because it mentions UPS and FedEx. These are legitimate companies but they are not the ones offering this employment.

The claim with this software is that companies that send out large amounts of shipments through Federal Express or UPS do not have the time to track these packages. If the packages are even one minute late with delivery, you are entitled to a full refund. With these “amazing” software packages, you will now be able to track all these parcels for the companies. You simply call on behalf of your clientele and they will get fifty percent of the refund while you pocked the other fifty percent. These people will agree to this because this is money that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. You can make $50-75 an hour and download the list of the packages while you are sitting in your robe and sipping your coffee. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

First of all, neither Federal Express nor UPS is affiliated with any of these software programs. They also have every right to refuse the refund to you, a third-party who did not pay for the shipping in the first place. UPS online tracking system can only be used by the sender of the package or by the recipient. Besides, information obtained through the tracking system can only be used to monitor one’s shipment and not for someone’s commercial gain unless UPS openly authorizes it. To top it off, UPS prohibits any uses of automated software to access its online shipping-related systems. Therefore, the software you would be using would be deemed illegal.

I guess I had been under the assumption that they would be providing a list of people to contact that would be interested in these services. What they did provide was a list of general types of companies to target like the health industry, industrial services, or retail companies. Through this list you are supposed to come up with a list of people you think would be interested in your services, try to obtain the name and email address of the correct person who should be targeted, and send them this letter that the company has so kindly supplied for you. Then you just sit back and watch people chomping at the bit to get this amazing service. Who in the world would ever give out any of this private tracking information on their packages to a complete stranger? The answer to that, of course, would be no one in their right mind.
Envelope Stuffing
This is perhaps the oldest of the scams to exist. Even before the advent of internet. It should be around in the classified ads of newspapers. What it is in reality is mail fraud. No one is paying you to stuff envelopes. You get the impression that some companies are paying to stuff envelopes with their brochures and mailers to their customer. What you will actually be doing is placing the same bogus ads in classifieds and internet and when people pay you, stuffing the envelope with the same bogus information, sending it to them and telling them to continue the same chain.
This is not just a waste of time. It’s illegal. It is called mail fraud that is punishable by a fine and even imprisonment.

Data Entry
Commonest scam you see today in spite of all that has been written and said about it. It is flourishing as people are still making money out of it. You won’t unless you are ready to cheat people out of their’s. This section has been covered in detail in another article. Read it.

Medical Transcriptions
There are tons of phony advertisements out there for this job. While knowing medical transcription is great in a traditional work place, unless you personally know the company and they check out with the Better Business Bureau, be very wary of these types of job listings. The typical scenario usually plays out with the company telling you that you can make hundreds of dollars working from home and all you will need is the CD Rom which will have everything you need to know about medical transcription and at the end of their course you will officially be certified and people will be dying to hire you because of your qualifications. After purchasing your software and the computer system needed in order to link with the central computer system for “training purposes” you will have spent thousands of dollars with absolutely little or nothing to show for it. There will be no job and no clients with an amazing certification from Jon Doe’s Medical Transcription Online Schooling Company and you will have wasted both your time and money into yet another fruitless cause.

Money Back Guarantees Are Worthless!

Money back guarantees in all the home based programs are hogwash and and eyewash. You will NEVER get any money if you decide you want it back. Do not fall for it.

If you are signing up with any work at home program just because it has a Money Back Guarantee, think again. All those so called ‘Iron Clad’, ‘No Questions Asked’ guarantees are nothing that they are ever going to honor. Read the fine print. They have their backs covered. None of it will ever hold up even if you decide to file a formal and legal comlaint against them. And face it, no one is ever going to do that since it costs decidely more to pursue a matter than what you have paid them in the first place. That is what these spurious websites with bogus guarantees are counting on.
A few common example of the these so called guarantees are:


“$300 CASH GUARANTEE! (Good for 1 Full Year)…. I’ll bet $300 CASH on your
success. That’s how sure I am that you’ll make MONEY with my
program…………… I’ll pay off my bet and send you $300 just for trying.
Now that’s an IRON CLAD guarantee!”….


ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE THAT YOU’LL SUCCEED!…. Send for my proven money making
program today. Spend about 30 minutes reading the simple step-by-step
instructions. If you give my plan an honest try and haven’t made at least
$1,000.00 within the first 10 days, simply return the complete package and
your $24.95 purchase price will be refunded immediately….. I guarantee
everything I’ve told you is 100% true, and can make you a lot of money,
quickly and easily.


“MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…. The $100 AN HOUR system is so remarkably profitable
that I want you to examine it without taking any risk whatsoever. Here’s
how. Order the $100 AN HOUR system right now. When you receive it, fill in
the simple worksheets and mail them to the address I supply. If you don’t
receive a check for $100 for every hour you spend filling in the simple
worksheets, simply return the program within 60 days and I’ll rush you a
complete refund of your purchase price! How’s that for assurance? You either
make $100 AN HOUR using this spectacular new system, or you get a refund.
With my unconditional money back guarantee, there is no way for you to lose.”


YOU CAN’T LOSE!…. Believe it or not, some people will put this remarkable
opportunity on a shelf and do absolutely nothing with it, and for this reason,
it would be impossible for us to send expensive supplies to anyone and
everyone who asks. So we charge a small “good faith deposit” of $39.95, which
we will REFUND IN FULL just as soon as you stuff your first 500 envelopes
according to our simple instructions! What could be easier?”


“Get my Fast Cash System! Put it to work for you. If after 60 days you do not
have the same experience as I had with this system, simply return all
materials for a complete refund of your purchase price. Even if you don’t
like my system for any reason, my guarantee still stands!”

With all the above examples you are ever going to be able to extract one single cent from the company. They are vaugue and twisted in their wordings. They require you to submit proof that you have tried making money following their tricks which they send you when you subscribe. These things are either unethical and illegal, just like the scam they are running or they are just plain impossible to do. As for the unethical and illegal bit, please read all our articles on all the various kinds of scams being run like envelope stuffing, data entry, form filling, transcription etc. to know that what you will have to end up doing is not what you expect and not what they claim to be selling you.
As to sending you tasks impossible to perform, let me share with you two of my experiences.
I will describe them in short as I have covered them in detail in other sections.
I joined a data entry/typing program where I was told that I would be send a list with names and addresses and phone numbers and I would need to type them in a table format in Microsoft Word. When I finished I could email them the file and I would be paid.
What i recieved was a copy of a few pages from the Phone Directory! And they had been reduced in size and printed in such terrible quality that they were impossible to read! Thousands upon thousands of names that were unreadable. I tried everything. I scanned the pages, make them bigger and reprint them but nothing worked. That is when I realised that they had done a deliberate and a professional job of making these pages unreadable! This is the example of a job that is impossible to do. You will never be eligible for getting your money back!
The second program that I joined let you download PDF file of names and address and wanted you to type it out in Excel sheets. There were more than 5000 names and amount of spelling mistakes permitted in names, addresses, phone number was 5! If you made more than 5 mistakes your work got rejected! And they promise money back after the completion of the first 2 projects. Another one that leaves very little room to be elligible for a money back.
There is a very important information about such scam websites and businesses. Did you know that these websites and scams regularly keep shutting down and re starting under a different name and even from a different place? Investigations have revealed that several of form filling rackets and envelope stuffing rackets have been shut down by the post master general and the authorities repeatedly for running suspicious and fraudulent activities. But these companies do not remain in one place for long enough only to lure innocent people on the Internet into buying their programs. Once they have collected enough cash under one alias, they simply shut down completely along with their website, phone no. etc. Even if you do try to get your money back, you will find no trace of them as they will have started work under another name and maybe even place.
Needless to say in the example of the above two examples that I have given of fraudulent home based jobs programs and just as bogus money back guarantees, both those companies became non-existent shorlt after I first joined them.

Business From Home ? – It Might Not Be For You

Starting a business from home might not be the best idea for you. Make sure you have what it takes to be a home based entrepeneur.

Home based businesses are different from jobs, of course. Jobs you work for other employers while businesses you run pretty much on your own. There are several ways to have a home based business for yourself. If you want to work from home, you need to choose whether you want to work on a job or you want to have a business for yourself. Its pretty much true that while for jobs you will have to look and search till you find the right one, with a home based business you will need a start up capital which is not required in case of a job. If you are unsure of which one you are suited for, a home based job or a home based business, review the pointers listed below that are sought after in a home based entrepreneur.
• Do you have an idea related to either your skills or other resource that can set you up in a home based business? Meaning you may turn your skills as a cook into a catering business or a resource like free space in your home as a day care enterprise.
• Do you have a start up capital to invest in a business? All businesses require some capital to be invested as a start up cost. This cost varies with the kind of business you are starting and the kind of resources available to you.
• Are you a little bit of a risk taker? That is the definition of an entrepreneur. A risk taker that posses enough enterprise and skill to turn the risk into a profitable business. All businesses are risks to begin with. How much so depends on the nature of the business.
• Are you perseverant and ready to dedicate to be patient? The thing about businesses is that they sometime take time to bloom into money making setups. You need to be patient and have a financial cushion that will carry you through the period that you business is still getting its hold on the market.
• Are you practical with a good business sense? Everything from the very inception of the business your success depends on you having a good business sense. You need to be practical right from the moment you choose the home business for yourself to know what will work and what will not. You need to budget and plan so that you run a profitable enterprise. A sound business sense means that you will make sound business decisions. And those you will have plenty to make.
If you think you possess these skills then you should definitely think on the lines of starting a home based business for yourself. A lot us and me personally are in the favor of running a home based business as opposed to taking up a job. We feel it gives you a better opportunity to grow. And if it is something that you love doing then it provides for a greater degree of satisfaction.
We wish you all the best and hope that this website helps you in setting yourself as a work force to reckon with right from your home.

Home Based Jobs Are Of Two Kinds

There are two kinds of home based jobs. Know which one you are suited for before applying. It could make the difference between finding the right job and not.

Two Kinds Of Home Based Jobs – Which One Is For You?

Home based jobs are just that. Jobs that you can do from home. They are usually not very different from usual jobs except that they are ones you do from home. A lot of companies are looking to hire home workers as a more cost effective way of increasing their work force.

Many of them require temporary positions do they look to hire people temporarily on a part time basis. These are NOT the get rich quick schemes that you keep reading about on the internet. They are regular job postings posted by regular employers that require you to apply in a proper format. You do not have to pay to join them but you will need to apply with an applications, Résumé while stating your work experiences and skills.

These jobs are to be found on various career portals and some websites that are dedicated to posting home based jobs from verified employers. We have listed these websites in the More Resources section that is available from our side navigation bar. Please remember to read our guides to making a Résumé and how to apply to a job before you apply to any of these jobs.

Where you look for a job greatly depends on your profile and how qualified you are. There are two scenarios that we foresee for you.

Scenario #1 – You have worked earlier in a regular job and now want to work from home because of demands on your time by your family responsibilities or some other restriction. If you have the qualifications in a particular field of work be it sales, marketing, customer care etc and have experience in the same then the best bet for you is to post your resume on job sites like monster.com etc. This is where the regular employers are from big corporations to small ones. You will find better pay scales and more suited to your profile and work experience.

Another great way to start to work from home if you are already working in a regular job is to talk to your boss. Explain how you can manage the same work with as much productivity from home. Maybe you can also mentions how it will save the company certain overheads like office space, commuting expenses etc. You can be asked to out on a trial basis from home for a month and see how it goes.

Scenario #2 – Scenario number two is that you are pretty much a stay at home person and are now searching for ways to make some extra income from home. The best bet for you is to have a look at the home based jobs and portals that we have mentioned here and see what catches your fancy. It is important to keep your skills in mind while looking for a job. Do not waste time applying for jobs that do not match your profile. You will not get them.

The employers post detailed descriptions of what they are looking for from their prospective employees. Match these requirements to your profile as closely as possible. If your experience is basic or you are just starting out, look for jobs that are looking for home workers with minimal skills. Try starting out with temporary jobs and maybe even freelancing projects. Freelance projects exist in a variety of job fields. You can have a look at some of the freelancing websites listed here and see if there is anything worth your while there.

Wah Offers Are Full Of Scams

How to spot any work at home scam and what to do if stuck in one. Learn about the infectious ‘I Want To Believe’ syndrome. It could make you loose money if you catch it!

We cannot progress further without addressing this important issue. Whether you find a real telecommuting job or not, you should not end up loosing your money to some scam! Please do NOT pay any money to any company that is asking you to pay up to join some earning program. It does not matter what the sales copy says. It can be simple data entry, it could be transcription or email processing. None of this works.
Trust your instincts. Avoid the “I WANT TO BELIEVE FEELING” which is the feeling of looking at a work at home offer that sounds too good to be true but you WANT to believe it because it sounds soooooo goood. Don’t. It will result in you loosing money.
The only real jobs home based jobs out there are the ones that SOUND and READ real. They will be from employers that are real with a real address and phone with a contact person that you can talk to before applying. And they will ask for things like work experience, resume and skills just like a normal regular job. And a lot of these employers hire locally. Do not fret we are going to point you to your local job listings as well.
Look at the following points to avoid home working scams. These are the trademark qualities of a scam:

Does the business or “job” offer several hundred dollars a week working from home without doing much work? Is this realistically possible? No. Avoid these scam sites.
No experience necessary? No one pays you without experience. It means that all they are interested in doing is selling you their bogus product and getting that registration fee from you.
You can make hundreds of dollars each day without doing much work? How so? Is their any guarantee of this?
Have they told you exactly what you have to do or are they just simply sticking with giving you vague notions of form filling and data entry and telling you to pay up before they reveal this secret. The truth is there ARE NO SECRETS.
Is there a physical address, phone number and a contact person listed with whom you can talk before ordering? If not then its a scam.
You are asked to call up an phone number. A 900# number for information. They make money with every person who calls ! Do not call these numbers.
Do not fall for a strong well written ad copy. It might be very convincing and it might convince you to act right away. Any website that tells you act now as the registration fee will go up in a few hours in nonsense. You can bookmark that page and come back to it after 2 days and you will realise that the ad copy reads exactly the same. As we have mentioned before do not get the “I WANT TO BELIEVE” syndrome. Think with your head and not because you wish that this opportunity was real. That’s the mark of a good sales copy. It makes you want to believe.
If you get any of these flags up while looking at a home based business opportunity, be very careful before proceeding.

What to do if you get caught in one of many Home Based Business Scams

First you need to write to the company who was involved in Home Based Business Scams that you feel has ripped you off telling them you would like your money back. If they don’t agree with you then you need to let them know you plan to notify officials. The following people should be notified.
If you read about this work-at-home scheme in a magazine. Let the editor know the particular company is involved in Home Based Business Scam. The Attorney General’s Office in your state or in the state where the bogus Home Based Business Scams Company is located.
National Fraud Information Centre Call them if you feel you are a victim of a Home Based Business Scams. Check out their web site for daily alerts or new Home Based Business Scams. 1-800-876-7060
Your local Consumer Protection Offices.
Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the BBB in the state of the Home Based Business Scams operator.
Postmaster. If you received the misleading Home Based Business Scams information through the mail.
The Federal Trade Commission. While the FTC cannot resolve individual Home Based Business Scams, the agency can take action if there is evidence of a pattern of deceptive or unfair practices. To register a complaint about any Home Based Business Scams, write to: Correspondence Branch, Federal Trade Commission, and Washington, D.C. 20580.

An Introduction To Working From Home

There is so much to cover when you want to build resources for a work from home portal. Over the years there are so many websites and so many programs that one sees. All speak about working from home with businesses, jobs and opportunities. Very few, maybe only a handful have ever some close to proving to be anything useful. Sure there are hundreds if not thousands of them out there. But they offer nothing helpful. First things first, we want to tell you to absolutely remove the notion from your mind that Internet jobs exist that make you hundreds of dollars a week for doing inane things like data entry, form filling, emailing etc. They are SCAMS. it does not matter what they they. You will find dozens of other that say the same thing. It is not going to happen. Please read our SCAMS section to get an update on this. You will be amazed to see what other wise intelligent people fall for.
Like I said there are perhaps a handful of websites that provide USEFUL information regarding working from home. I am not saying that they are just going to go ahead and get you hired. But they will show you some real home based job opportunities. I will stress here one more time that you should not expect jobs like filling and typing 4 line forms to make you 100s of dollars a day or a week. They will be a lot like regular jobs and while they will not ask you for money to apply, they WILL ask you for your RESUME and EXPERIENCE. They are more like regular jobs that one does anywhere else with the exception that you will be allowed to telecommute i.e. work from home home.
One of the best things that you can do if you want to work from home is to tap in to your own skills and strengths and start a home based business. You can do anything from tutoring, craft making, cooking, catering, own a franchise, day care, florist, writing etc. There is no end of opportunities. You need to look at the community around you and see what you could possibly start on a small scale that would do well. We will include a section on home business ideas and franchise opportunities her as well. Use the internet to find home based work, but do not think of working on the internet if you are looking for a job. Jobs like that that ask you to pay up to join promising you magnificent returns are all scams. Any offer that promises huge returns on a relatively small investment is just that. A fraud. Making and earning money takes work. There are NO exceptions.