Product Assembly Home Jobs Scam

Avoid Product Assembly job offers as they are mostly scams and will earn little income, if at all.

This is again a very murky area as far as home-based job  and business scams are concerned. Even though a handful of genuine artists and companies exist that hire people to work from home to assemble crafts it is more or less full of companies that scam people out of their money.

The way this scam works is that you will come across a website that offers a home based job of assembling simple craft articles. Once you successfully assemble these craft products and send them back to the company they will pay you for every batch of product that meets their approval.

You are scammed in to paying for the Started Kit

There are two basic ways in which you get scammed by such an offer. First of all you are required to pay a certain amount of money to get the starter kit. The so-called starter kit is required to start working at home with the assembly jobs as it contains the initial raw material to make the first batch of products. So now the first stage of the scam is over since you have already sent the so-called product assembly company some money.

You are Scammed By Having Your Work Rejected No Matter How well You Assemble the Products and the Crafts

The next stage of the scam begins when you send in the finished set of crafts products back to the company for approval and payment. No matter how do good and how well finished your batches it is likely to get rejected by the company on the basis of not having met the company quality guidelines. What exactly these quality guidelines, is never specified. This way, they never have to pay you. Sometimes the product is sent back to you with a report on what is wrong and asking you to fix it. But even then it does not get approved.

The truth probably is that these kind of jobs is that there perhaps a handful of businesses out there that higher home-based workers to make simple crafts for them at home.  These are few but they do exist.  the genuine businesses that hire home-based artisans and craftsmen for outnumbers the number of scam businesses that exist. Even if you do end up working for a genuine product assembly company that allows you to work at home by making simple craft products the kind of income that can be generated from this kind of work is not very substantial. In any scenario this kind of work is not to be looked upon as a full time home-based employment that will allow you to generate a substantial income. A it is purely meant for hobbyists who enjoy making crafts at home for fun and leisure.

In  either case, avoid wasting your money on home based product assembly offers.

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