Pyramid Schemes Scams

The work at home scams concerning to various pyramid schemes are similar in nature to  multilevel marketing and direct selling scams in the sense that they  mainly focus on to recruiting people under you in a downline. Or the people that get recruited in the downline have to pay to get recruited and hence to more people under you the more income you earn.

Pyramid schemes online often do not have any product to sell

This is similar to a chain letter scam as well because at the end of the day there might be no product at all that you are selling or promoting in the pyramid scheme. If it is all about making new customers without selling them anything and just taking payments from them to join the pyramid under you, then it is a scam.

You stand to get scammed in to believing that there is money to be made if you join there program. you may be made to be that is a product that you will be marketing. You may be told that you will be shown the exact procedure to follow that will make you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Pyramid schemes online scam the person in to believing that they will easily make a downline

All that you will receive when you subscribe is information to further post ads on the internet and offline, the same kind that you saw and joined. You will be called upon to carry the scam forward with your own affiliate link and every time someone else falls prey to the work at home scam just like you did, you make money. There is nothing to sell and nothing to promote expect the same false promise that you ended up believing.

Pyramid schemes online are a sure shot way of loosing money and wasting your time

Do not join any pyramid schemes online. Any direct marketing programs and multilevel marketing offers should come from companies that you have heard of. There are still many companies that work this way. They allow people to set up their own establishment selling their products. And you do not have to pay money on some unknown website for some secret unknown purpose in order to join.

If the scheme is not from a known national company or business with a known product, its a WORK AT HOME scam

Learn to spot and stay away from the pyramid schemes scams online. Whenever the offer is not from a known company avoid it. Avoid offers that you find flashed at you in advertisements, flyers and emails. Pyramid schemes online are a scam meant to make you scam others and to spread their work at home scam even further.


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