Scams Involving Wiring Money or Cashing Checks

Another twist to the WORK AT HOME scams is the so called home based work where you can make money by transferring money and processing checks for clients.

This is not only a work at home scam to scam you out of your money but is also a dangerous one. There was an instance sometime back in which a person made a victim of this kind of a scam had to face a fine and  an imprisonment term.

In this kind of a  scam you will come across an offer  work at  home which involves depositing and transferring money from one account to another. For all the money that you help transfer and moved for your clients you will be promised a certain amount of commission. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? It isn’t.

Many people on reading this kind of an offer get inclined to believe that it is an opportunities sent straight from heaven and to eliminate all their financial woes. This misconception is extremely far from the truth. A work at home opportunity like this is the con job that is meant to not only take your money but may also make you take part in an illegal activity.

This scam will claim that in order to  check your ability to do the job and the processing speed of the  bank they are going to send you a check which you are supposed to deposit in your own account and then wire the money out to another account. The trick is that while the check that you have been sent will take 2 to 3 days to clear up you are supposed to transfer the money immediately from your account. When the time comes for the check you have deposited to clear you will find that the check bounces  since there are no funds to back up the check. The check that you were sent was the spurious check.

Now that you have lost money let us now consider how this activity is also illegal You should never ever transfer money to  a person’s account we don’t know. You do not know where that money is going and what it is meant for. You could very well be partaking in an illegal venture and helping money around for nefarious purposes at the hands of serious miscreants.

So never ever take on the offers of working at home with jobs that involve wiring money for cashing checks These are all scams and can get you into serious trouble as well.


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