How to Make a Search Engine Index Your Blog Well

The results that your blog gets on the search engines depends largely on how many pages and how well a search engine is indexed at. By indexing a blog we mean how many pages of your blog are recorded and listed with a particular search engine. In order to index the blog ascension and sends a small program to a website just called a spider. This spider reads the content of your pages and based upon the content it decides whether the page should be indexed and included in the list of search engine pages on not. It also decides based on the content of the page what search queries should trigger that page in the Search engine results. the search engine spider the beach this process again and again and the more pages that you get indexed with the search engine the more results you are likely to get in search engine results which for the improves the potential of shoehorning more money from your blog when you monetize it. These are a few simple things and processes that you can do to make sure that your blog is indexed well by search engine.

Interlinking Your Posts

Interlinking means including internal links in your post to wariness other related posts. This is usually done by using anchor words which describe another post in the blog somewhere and creating a hyperlink for that post. Interlinking your post helps in spidering your blog because when a search engine comes on any one particular page it discovers many other pages in your blogs which contain related content. Interlinking your post also helps  creating a better line for a particular page by including the anchor text that you want as a hyperlink in another page on the blog. The anchor text is also helps the search engine spiders determine what the linked page is all about and how they should treat it.

Using Accurate Post Tags and Categories

Do not ignore the feature of proving your posts and their proper categories and tags. This further tells the search engine spiders what the posts are all about and helps it to index a group of posts together which belong to a single category or tag. Also including your posts in their proper categories and tags helps the visitors on your blog find content more easily as well.

Getting the Search Engine to Index Difficult Pages

Sometimes a search engine will exclude a few pages from its index. The search engine spider may do it for any number of reasons. It could be that these pages have more or less duplicate content to any other page that has already been indexed by the search engine spider. For this reason it does not feel the need to index two pages with similar content. Or it could be just that the search engine spider hasn’t been able to discover that page on your blog. One way to ensure that all your pages are led by the search engine spider is to include their links on a blog post that has been indexed. When the search engine spider was this particular blog post it will find the links to the pages that haven’t been indexed. If it determines that these pages should be indexed as well it will go ahead and do so.

Creating an XML Site Map

Getting all the pages on your blog to come to the notice of the search engine has been made simple by thevarious plug-ins that usually come with most of the blog software’s and content management systems. These plug-ins allow you to make an XML site map which you can submit to a search engine. An XML site map is a list of all the URLs and pages on your blog written in a format that the search engine understands. Making a site map in an XML format is usually a process of a few clicks of your mouse will stop you can then use your webmasters account various search engines to submit these site maps. Or you can just create a link of a site map in the footer of all your webpages so that this file is found by the search engine whenever you land on any one of your pages.

finding an XML site map on a blog is preferred by the search engine spider as it allows it to easily see all the links on your blog which says it time and resource spent in spidering your website.

Use all these above mentioned tips to get your block to spidered and indexed well with the search engine. Getting your various pages regarding various different topics to index well with the search engine means that your blog will trigger in the search results for those many different search queries. If you’re trying to monetize your blog with advertisements and affiliate marketing, you will find that the more results that your blog gets triggered for in a search engine the more visitors you see an increase in visitors on your blog often translates into increase in revenue and the amount of money that you can make from your blog.

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