Starting a Business From Scratch

Starting a new business at home from scratch – The Advantages and Disadvantages

For many people wanting to start a business from home, starting something completely new and from the scratch is the only option that will do. The reason is that the kind of satisfaction and pleasure that you can get from creating something completely off your loan cannot be had by choosing other options for doing business such as franchisees and business opportunities. The kind of pride and even ego satisfaction that a person can get from building something from ground up cannot be matched by any other kind of home-based business. It is true that you may not get it right first time and there may be a longer learning curve involved, but in the long run a self-starter business brings more success to people as compared to other options.

Starting a business from scratch at home may also be the quickest and least expensive way of starting up. There is no need to fill out a bunch of applications or save up money to buy into a franchise. Franchise for reputed brand names can be phenomenally expensive. Some of the very popular franchise can easily run into a field of tens of thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you want to start a business from home and you have an idea for it, there is no reason why you couldn’t start a business right now.

Starting something from scratch at your own home could be as simple as printing out a few flyers on your home printer and distributing it around the neighborhood to get the word around. This will especially be helpful if the services that you are offering is applicable to your community and there are already several viable customers living in and around your home.

It is a fact that the largest most successful companies today were at one point started as home-based businesses. Some examples are Hewlett-Packard that was started in David Packard’s garage with a working capital of $538. was founded in the garage of Jeff Bezoz, the CEO and Founder for the company.

While these examples are exceptional, not everybody wishes to make their home business into international and multinational corporations. With a home based business you can enjoy just the kind of success that you want. Different people will have different expectations from what they want from their business life. Some people may simply want to pay the bills and do exactly what they want. This could be a source of happiness enough. Other entrepreneurs may want to start at home but see themselves building their business to be a larger enterprise where there have an office and employees. The point is that starting a business from home does not mean you have to limit yourself and your potential for the future. Starting a business from scratch and at home allows you to start at the scale you want and plan for the kind of success that you want.

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