Mystery Shopping Scams

Mystery shopping jobs do actually exist. But along with the genuine mystery shopping opportunities there is also the presence of scams. Misty shopping jobs are basically about taking on assignments that  ask you to review certain places and products such as restaurants, stores etc. And while you can find assignments in your area be careful not to get scammed By some websites who will try to sell you information about Mystery shopping jobs.

This information is more or less available for free. You can find many resources tAaat allow you to find mystery shopping job offers. One such website is

Be vary of any offer that you find advertised in newspapers in help wanted sections and in unsolicited emails.

Never ever pay to receive mystery shopping job assignments. They are available for free.


Online Surveys Scams

This is again a form of making money that is promoted as the work at home  enterprise.

While not purely a scam, Online Surveys are not a WORK AT HOME opportunity either.

While it is not exactly a scam is not a full-time work at home job or  a home based business either. Quite simply  speaking there or research companies is an online that want online users to take various kind of surveys for their products and services from different companies. These research companies conduct these surveys by building a database of consumers and send out surveys for different products and services based on the demographic profile of the person.

How Online Surveys Work

Different companies need feedback from consumers time to time and this is where the research companies do the job. According to the requirements of the company wanting to test a particular product or serving the wants to target a specific audience and seek an opinion on their product. In return of giving their opinion the search companies offering information item in form of gift cards or money.

Where the scam of Online Surveys Starts

Because this kind of activity does happen, making money through online surveys from your own home is not considered to be a complete scam. However, there are various websites that offer to sell you a list of companies and websites that pay you for taking these surveys. While the list provided my these companies may be genuine the scam part is that this list can be accessed for free by doing a search engine search.
Secondly in order to sell you this list they make promises of giant income of hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.  This is nowhere close to the truth. While you can take surveys and make money online by doing it for various research companies, you cannot expect to make a reliable or a substantial income doing this kind of work.

Why you will never make money working at home with Online Surveys

The website selling you the list of the survey companies will make you believe that there are hundreds of companies with hundreds of surveys which you can take from the comfort of your home every single day spending just a few minutes filling out the questionnaires and earning between $5-$15 per questionnaire.
The fact is that there are not so many surveys available online. Even though there might be many research companies, the test audience for every product  is different. Every product and services is tested according to the demographic requirements of the product company which may or may not qualify you as a survey taker. This means that every once in a while you will receive offers to take a survey and even then the renumeration offered may not necessarily be money. You may be offered a gift card or a free sample of the product.
It is quite all right to  sign-up with research companies and receive offers to take surveys every now and then in your e-mail. It can even be pleasant to receive a few checks in your mail or money in your PayPal account. What is not right is for some websites to build up hope  and make pass this off as  a work at home opportunity that will allow you to make a substantial income on a regular basis. This is not going to happen. Many people take on  filling out online surveys and taking part in focus groups because they enjoy doing it. Focus groups pay even more players than online surveys and they to pay much more than an online survey. However, this happens rarely and usually targets a very select audience.

Pyramid Schemes Scams

The work at home scams concerning to various pyramid schemes are similar in nature to  multilevel marketing and direct selling scams in the sense that they  mainly focus on to recruiting people under you in a downline. Or the people that get recruited in the downline have to pay to get recruited and hence to more people under you the more income you earn.

Pyramid schemes online often do not have any product to sell

This is similar to a chain letter scam as well because at the end of the day there might be no product at all that you are selling or promoting in the pyramid scheme. If it is all about making new customers without selling them anything and just taking payments from them to join the pyramid under you, then it is a scam.

You stand to get scammed in to believing that there is money to be made if you join there program. you may be made to be that is a product that you will be marketing. You may be told that you will be shown the exact procedure to follow that will make you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Pyramid schemes online scam the person in to believing that they will easily make a downline

All that you will receive when you subscribe is information to further post ads on the internet and offline, the same kind that you saw and joined. You will be called upon to carry the scam forward with your own affiliate link and every time someone else falls prey to the work at home scam just like you did, you make money. There is nothing to sell and nothing to promote expect the same false promise that you ended up believing.

Pyramid schemes online are a sure shot way of loosing money and wasting your time

Do not join any pyramid schemes online. Any direct marketing programs and multilevel marketing offers should come from companies that you have heard of. There are still many companies that work this way. They allow people to set up their own establishment selling their products. And you do not have to pay money on some unknown website for some secret unknown purpose in order to join.

If the scheme is not from a known national company or business with a known product, its a WORK AT HOME scam

Learn to spot and stay away from the pyramid schemes scams online. Whenever the offer is not from a known company avoid it. Avoid offers that you find flashed at you in advertisements, flyers and emails. Pyramid schemes online are a scam meant to make you scam others and to spread their work at home scam even further.


Scams Involving Wiring Money or Cashing Checks

Another twist to the WORK AT HOME scams is the so called home based work where you can make money by transferring money and processing checks for clients.

This is not only a work at home scam to scam you out of your money but is also a dangerous one. There was an instance sometime back in which a person made a victim of this kind of a scam had to face a fine and  an imprisonment term.

In this kind of a  scam you will come across an offer  work at  home which involves depositing and transferring money from one account to another. For all the money that you help transfer and moved for your clients you will be promised a certain amount of commission. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? It isn’t.

Many people on reading this kind of an offer get inclined to believe that it is an opportunities sent straight from heaven and to eliminate all their financial woes. This misconception is extremely far from the truth. A work at home opportunity like this is the con job that is meant to not only take your money but may also make you take part in an illegal activity.

This scam will claim that in order to  check your ability to do the job and the processing speed of the  bank they are going to send you a check which you are supposed to deposit in your own account and then wire the money out to another account. The trick is that while the check that you have been sent will take 2 to 3 days to clear up you are supposed to transfer the money immediately from your account. When the time comes for the check you have deposited to clear you will find that the check bounces  since there are no funds to back up the check. The check that you were sent was the spurious check.

Now that you have lost money let us now consider how this activity is also illegal You should never ever transfer money to  a person’s account we don’t know. You do not know where that money is going and what it is meant for. You could very well be partaking in an illegal venture and helping money around for nefarious purposes at the hands of serious miscreants.

So never ever take on the offers of working at home with jobs that involve wiring money for cashing checks These are all scams and can get you into serious trouble as well.


Direct Selling And Multilevel Marketing Scams

MLM Home Based Job Scams – Why You Should Avoid Them

While jobs related to direct selling and multilevel marketing do not exactly come within the scope of the work at home scam, many of them actually are just that.Direct selling jobs and multilevel marketing jobs that a person could do on their own from their home and on an independent basis were first started by respectable companies like Amway, Avon and Mary Kay.

Direct Marketing Jobs and MLM Schemes have a lot of competition making is difficult to succeed and earn money

These were all respectable and well-known companies that had good quality products that people could sell directly to the people and build a business for themselves working at home or at least working on their own and on an independent basis. The the problem is that following suit there are several bogus work at home offers present  that imitate the structure of the programs followed by these companies. Multilevel marketing is all about building a downline of customers and resellers. These resellers are often created by selling your product to them in the first place. Although resellers in your downline that you have inculcated into the company will OU permissions on the product that they sell as well. So it goes to say naturally that the more members you have in the downline the more commissions you stand to make. This wasn’t such a problem till sometime back when the opportunity was still fresh and there was still a lot of scope for everyone. However, what is happened now is that the industry is heavily saturated. For someone to start afresh and to make a killing in  this business is difficult.  since you probably will have an outline as well as a downline means that there will be people above you in this multilevel marketing scheme who will have a claim on your share of profAa as well which further reduces your income.

The competition is tough and it is extremely difficult to build a home based business out of the direct selling and multilevel marketing programs in  today’s date.

Many direct selling and MLM schemes online are untrustworthy and nothing but WORK AT HOME scams that are only designed to fool others in parting with their money

Now we come to the scam part. While the multilevel and direct selling schemes offered by the respectable companies like Avon and Mary Kay were not scams, many such schemes have sprouted on the Internet whose sole focus is to build downlines without an emphasis on the product. In many cases the product simply might be missing or  it might be non-descriptive or completely useless product. The idea is to keep forming a downline that keeps paying the upline.  This  is an outright work-at-home scam. It will not succeed for a very long time and could even implicate you in activities that have deemed to be unprincipled and illegal.


Product Assembly Home Jobs Scam

Avoid Product Assembly job offers as they are mostly scams and will earn little income, if at all.

This is again a very murky area as far as home-based job  and business scams are concerned. Even though a handful of genuine artists and companies exist that hire people to work from home to assemble crafts it is more or less full of companies that scam people out of their money.

The way this scam works is that you will come across a website that offers a home based job of assembling simple craft articles. Once you successfully assemble these craft products and send them back to the company they will pay you for every batch of product that meets their approval.

You are scammed in to paying for the Started Kit

There are two basic ways in which you get scammed by such an offer. First of all you are required to pay a certain amount of money to get the starter kit. The so-called starter kit is required to start working at home with the assembly jobs as it contains the initial raw material to make the first batch of products. So now the first stage of the scam is over since you have already sent the so-called product assembly company some money.

You are Scammed By Having Your Work Rejected No Matter How well You Assemble the Products and the Crafts

The next stage of the scam begins when you send in the finished set of crafts products back to the company for approval and payment. No matter how do good and how well finished your batches it is likely to get rejected by the company on the basis of not having met the company quality guidelines. What exactly these quality guidelines, is never specified. This way, they never have to pay you. Sometimes the product is sent back to you with a report on what is wrong and asking you to fix it. But even then it does not get approved.

The truth probably is that these kind of jobs is that there perhaps a handful of businesses out there that higher home-based workers to make simple crafts for them at home.  These are few but they do exist.  the genuine businesses that hire home-based artisans and craftsmen for outnumbers the number of scam businesses that exist. Even if you do end up working for a genuine product assembly company that allows you to work at home by making simple craft products the kind of income that can be generated from this kind of work is not very substantial. In any scenario this kind of work is not to be looked upon as a full time home-based employment that will allow you to generate a substantial income. A it is purely meant for hobbyists who enjoy making crafts at home for fun and leisure.

In  either case, avoid wasting your money on home based product assembly offers.

Envelope Stuffing Jobs Scam

Envelope stuffing scam is many years old and has transitioned from being an offline scam to becoming an online scam.

Another kind of scam that goes around has to do with envelope stuffing jobs.  The funny bit is that this job sounds so strange light from the very outset that anyone should be able to spot this as a scam right in the beginning. I mean which company or business concerns will pay someone for putting letters in an envelope when there are machines that can take care of this job.

At some point of time this job used to be handled by people when a company needed to send out a lot of flyers, letters, and notifications etc. for their product or services. All those offers and brochures that you receive in your mail someone has obviously done the job of putting them in envelopes. But the very thing that sets these Internet offers for envelope stuffing jobs at home apart is that they do not come from any specific company. Just like any other scam you will once again find a website that is offering you a home-based opportunity and a home-based job that allows you to make money by stuffing envelops but for whom and where it does not specify. more over, this very website will ask you to send them money before you can register to do the job. This is the very hallmark of home-based  job scam.

Let us say that there is a company out there who is looking for people to work on a telecommuting basis to stuff flyers and letters for them into envelopes. The very first thing that will be made clear to you is who is the employer and they will certainly not want to charge you to apply for the job. When genuine employer looks for a person to work in their office or at home they are more concerned with finding the right person with the right qualifications and ability rather than charging them for money up front and just floating out there offer to millions of people through the Internet.

Envelope stuffing jobs at home are a complete scam. Do not trust any such offer that you find on the Internet through various advertisements and websites. What we usually happen is that you will receive information from these people if you do get any,  telling you to stuff envelopes  with letters containing the same offer that you fell for  and made it to random people in the mail asking them to send you money  where you send them the information that you received in the first place in turn and tell them to carry forward this chain of mailing letters.  This is not only a scam but  also comes under the category of mail fraud.  many such outfits and programs have been investigated and shut down by the US postal mail service.


Google Work At Home Job Scams

The advertisements for home based jobs and business kits that you come across on the internet are work at home scams.

This post is about exploring the various advertisements and offers that you see online very often regarding work at home jobs from Google. Are these offers for home-based jobs and home-based businesses that supposedly are from Google for real? The answer is no. Almost all of such offers that you will see on the Internet that are rom Google and offer you home-based opportunities are all scams.

Google Work At Home Scam That Charges $2 for approval

There are basically two kinds of offers that you will see online that are supposedly from Google. One home-based job offer from Google is that this company will claim to charge you a nominal fee like two dollars in order to screen the serious applicants for home-based opportunities that exist at Google. The scam is that while two dollars  is relatively a small sum the credit card of the individual will get charged by much larger amount on a monthly basis.

Google Work At Home Scam That Offers Home Business Kits

The second form of scam regarding the home-based Google jobs is that you will find these various business kits being offered that was supposedly let you in to this big secret on how to set up a business online overnight that will help you generate thousands of dollars through Google AdSense. While it is true that you can monetize your website or blog with the use of the Google AdSense program doing this to set up substantial source of income takes a lot of hard work and time.

Common Advertisements for Google Work At Home Scams

It is common to see ads like these or to receive them in your e-mail:

“Make Money with Google”, or the one I most recently received (multiple times), “Work on your own schedule with bonus Google Kit”. Some of these even had the audacity to use a return email displayed as “Google Business Solutions”  which will make you think that the e-mail is from Google itself.

The bottom line of all this is that Google does not offer any kind of home business kits. It does not sell any home-based opportunity through its AdSense program or any other program. If you come across any such offers they are from third-party websites and people who are trying desperately to scam you out of your money. Do not ever fall for the scam that is offering you a home-based opportunity or home-based job from Google by charging you a nominal amount of two dollars or so. These scam websites will do their best to keep charging your credit card bill at the time that you cancel your credit card.  they can and will charge you  $80 $200 every month on a recurring basis till the time that you cancel your credit card. While they might mention that you can cancel your subscription anytime,  this clause will usually be  muddled up with of lot of loopholes. They are not building a customer base with the intent of providing them with a genuine service or product. The aim of such scam websites offering work-at-home opportunities is solely to steal the credit card numbers of people and to charge them as much money as possible till whenever they can which is usually to the time that the consumer cancels his credit card with the bank.

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission has filed lawsuits against a few of these scams that were running Google work-at-home opportunities online.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), filed a complaint in Nevada US District Court on June 22nd, in the case:

Federal Trade Commission vs.:

  1. Infusion Media, Inc., a corporation, also d/b/a Google Money Tree, Google Pro, Internet Income Pro, and Google Treasure Chest;
  2. West Coast Internet Media, Inc., a corporation, also d/b/a Google Money Tree, Google Pro, Internet Income Pro, and Google Treasure Chest;
  3. Two Warnings, LLC, a limited liability company;
  4. Two Part Investments, LLC, a limited liability company
  5. Platinum Teleservices, Inc., a corporation;

Collectively referred to in the complaint as “The Google Money Tree Corporate Defendants”, along with four individual officers of these companies. The complaint seeks immediate as well as permanent injunctive relief (stop doing what you’re doing) and “other equitable relief” (monetary damages and/or other actions deemed appropriate) from the court.

The complaint outlines the following counts:

Failure to Disclose Material Terms

False or Unsubstantiated Representations Regarding Income

False Representations Regarding Affiliations

The FTC also lists violations of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, which provides that a “preauthorized electronic fund transfer from a consumer’s account may be authorized by the consumer only in writing”.

The filing of the lawsuit by the federal Trade Commission against these scams and sleazy operators   who are nothing else but thieves  is very welcome news for people who have been scammed in the past with these bogus offers and for the rest of us who absolutely detest the presence of such vermin  amongst honest  hard-working people looking for genuine work at home  opportunities.



Rebate Processing Scams

Work at home Rebate Processing Scams are just as big as false as data entry scams and should be avoided at all costs.

The thing about work at home job scams is that sometimes they are just a rip off  of a  real world situation.  a good example is this the rebate processing jobs that are commonly offered  online.  world it may be quite true that relate processing jobs exist and someone somewhere does do this job, the relations that are offered online are   rather different  and quite frankly, a scam.

The best case scenario is that you will shell out some money and received information in return as to how to go about setting up of home business processing rebates for people. Sometimes this kind of information pertains to the particular industries such as processing rebates for the mortgage  loan industry.  in this kind of a scam all you will receive is some useless information which is available for free anyway. In a more elaborate work-at-home scam pertaining to rebate processing you may be asked to shell out additional dollars sometimes even to the tune of hundreds of dollars to procure some form of a training kit  that will not only prepare you to do this job successfully at home but also provide you with the so-called secrets to come up with hundreds of leads on your own which in turn could help you make thousands of dollars for yourself. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, all work-at-home scams have the same ring to it. They promise the loads of money to  anyone without emphasizing any importance to the personal qualification and ability of the individual as long as that particular individual is ready to shell out the required money to join their so-called work at home program.

Another kind of scam involving rebate processing from home is actually  disguised information that is presented in a manner so as to misguide the individual reading the advertisement. You must have most probably heard of affiliate marketing where a person can become an affiliate of different products, services and companies and non-money in the form of a commission by selling those products online. Common websites which run affiliate programs for multiple companies and products are commission Junction and Google affiliate network. In affiliate marketing a person is supposed to join the program of a particular company and market their products by using various tactics such as blogging, search engine marketing  etc. The spin  that is put by the rebate processing scams on affiliate marketing is that they do not presented as such in their advertisements. Once a person pays up to receive the information it is revealed that they are talking about nothing else but affiliate marketing and joining the various different companies on affiliate marketing websites like commission Junction which a person can do for free anyway. Their contributions to the whole idea is that they will tell you to write  advertisements and promote the products in such a manner where you offer the customer a debate if he purchases the product from your link.  that is all.  it should be made plenty clear at this point that not all companies allow offering promotions and discounts to the buyers through their affiliate program. So even if it might be a great idea to offer rebates on your affiliate links and provide yourself a cutting edge in that manner, not on affiliate programs will allow you to do so.

The bottom line again is that affiliate marketing takes a lot of work. It takes time and effort to build sales pattern and generate regular income through this kind of work. A rebate processing scam will again shape the information in such a manner so as to not only will you as to  the nature of the work but also misguide you by promising you easy returns on your money.

So, once again, rebate processing jobs that are offered online  as work at home opportunities are almost always scams and should be avoided at any cost.



Data Entry Job Scams

Data entry jobs scams are one of the most predatory work at home scams. Avoid them at all costs.

Why Data Entry Job Scams Are Successful

These kind of scams are very common and have had an appeal to a multitude of people because of the nature of the scam. As the description for these kind of jobs would suggest, people would be very inclined to think that data entry is something that anyone can do without any substantial experience in the field. This is one of the most important fact that people perpetrating this scam take advantage of. They will claim that you can make money simply by filling out simple forms online or off-line  as various companies need  to build their databases in a particular format. Without getting into why this is a completely bogus and unpractical claim, you should know that these kind  of home-based job offers are a complete scam through and through. In fact they are one of the worst online home based job scams around  and have ripped off countless number of people.  you will not make a single dollar from  a so-called data entry job.

Do Home Based Data Entry Jobs Exist?

It is true that genuine data-entry jobs that can be managed from home do exist but these jobs can be found through legitimate sources and not through online Google ads and  the one page dedicated websites that you were very commonly  find promoting these kind of offers.

The need and requirement for data entry operators arises in all kinds of companies and all kinds of businesses.  Any kind of  research on database requires people who can do data entry. Even small differences  require data entry operators from time to time and  many times it is these small businesses and companies that hire data entry operators to operate from home. It is  these small business operators that offer telecommuting jobs  to  data entry operators.

However, at the end of the day the person applying for the data entry job has to have some qualification such as a fast typing speed and even an experience in handling certain forms of database. Certain kind of data entry jobs will require the person to put in the information in a specified software. Either the person should already have experience in that software or training is provided as long as the basic skills required for a home-based data entry operator such as an accurate and fast typing speed along with the required equipment such as a computer, word processor, telephone and fax as well as an Internet line  are present.

Different Kinds of Data Entry Jobs Scams and How To Spot Them

The legitimate data entry jobs will come from a specified source. It will be clear as to who the employer is, what the data entry job is about and how much it is going to pay. Data entry scam offers on the Internet never tell you who you are going to work for.  The name of the employer is never mentioned on data entry scams website. They will just give you a vague idea of filling in forms and typing in data for something without a clear purpose. Genuine data entry jobs are always done for specific databases and for a specific purpose. Whenever you are doing data entry job for a genuine company you will know exactly  what the data is that you are inputting. The data entry job scams usually provide you with a list of names, addresses and phone numbers which they pluck out from a phone directory.

a genuine data entry job will  probably have you been putting many different formats of information such as names, progress reports, numbers, batch sheets, product information etc, all depending upon  which business you are doing the data entry job for.

There are many variations of  to the home based data entry job scams. Some will ask you to subscribe online by sending the money through a credit card and provide you with a username and password where you will be able to access a certain database of names and addresses and phone numbers and input them in online forms. Others will mail you a list of names and addresses on sheets of paper or on a CD’s and ask you to input them in an Excel file or Word file.  the matter what the format, if it is a data entry job that you have read to subscribe to and to get information for and you do not happen no who exactly you are working for them it is a scam. If you do not know the name and address of your employer and know it to be a proper physical business that sells a product or service then the data entry job is a scam. Always bear this in mind and you will be able to avoid all the home based data entry scams always.

The Irony of Home Based Data Entry Job Scams

The irony about home-based data-entry job scams if that most of the people are able to tell that something is not right right from the beginning. Most of the people are aware of the fact that the offer that they are reading is too good to be true. Most of the people are skeptical or at least extremely surprised by the kind of offers that is presented by the means of data entry job scam.  yet, the fall with them to exactly the same scam.  The reason is that scams like home based data entry jobs prey on some vital emotions of a person. They prey on the kind of people looking desperately to work from home, specially the kind of people who have no skills or experience. There are lots of house wives and moms who have not pursued a career in their lives. There are people who have been laid off from work in bad economic time. The home based data entry job scams will take advantage of these people by saying all the things that give them hope.

They will claim hundreds of dollars of income every day, hence relieving the applicant from burdens of unemployment debt, mortgage and what not. These offers will promise them everything that they dreamt about. And all for the cost of signing up for a few dollars.

You may be someone who has heard of data entry job scams.  they have been around for many years. Someone who is aware of online job scams and specifically the data entry job scams may think that it  only requires a bit of common sense to  spot the home based data entry job  scam. However,  you will be surprised at the number of people who are exposed to  single day these kind of scams  every single day. Millions of people get online for the first time in their lives every single day. Many of these people get online for the specific purpose of finding a home based job. Whenever you do a search for a home-based business or home-based job on the search engine you do get bombarded by offers and advertisements from many scam websites. All of these people who do not know better  are susceptible to these scams.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By A Home Based Job Offer

The home based data entry scams  are one of the worst and the most  predatory form of work-at-home scams. Avoid them at all costs and help others avoid them as well by spreading this information around among other people and work at home moms who you think might be susceptible to these kind of scams. If you have ever been made a victim of any such scam, report the website to the Better Business Bureau and to the Local State Attorney General’s office. The local authorities do keep an eye out for scam businesses and make an effort to shut them down.

Also post as much information as you can on various blogs so that other people can find it before getting scammed by the same company.

Some places where you can find legitimate data entry jobs is freelance websites, job hunting websites as well as to these estimate data entry job companies that hire people to telecommute from home.

Always remember… Never EVER work for someone that requires you to send money without giving you a physical address and someone to talk to beforehand.

Just this one simple rule will safeguard you with more than 90% of the work at home scams.