Tips for Making Money With Online Surveys

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These are a few tips for getting the maximum result out of fitting online surveys. Many advertisement on many websites will make you believe that it is possible to earn  abnormally large sums of money by filling out surveys online. They will make you believe that you can run a full-time income into thousands of dollars doing this work from home. According to mean this is not a very clear picture. While it is possible to earn some extra cash and on several rewards in the form of gift coupons, dining vouchers and consumer gifts filling out online surveys a full-time income is really not possible. In order to be making a substantial income doing this kind of work means that you should at least be filling 20 to 30 surveys everyday which pay you on an average of $10 per survey. In a realistic scenario this situation does not arise.

However these tips will help you maximize what you can  through online surveys.

Be patient

You may need to be patient with this job initially. First of all you will take some getting used to filling out questionnaires  For 20 min. to 45 min. This will of course seem much more towards the wild once you start getting your first payments. Secondly the offerings may be slim in the beginning. This means that people who initially start out with survey companies may get service less frequently and may receive the typically lower paying service. As these consumers progress with doing this work regularly, the research companies may start sending them  more surveys which have a higher payout. In order to save yourself some time in filling out the service you can also use an auto filler.  A form auto filler is used to fill the common basic information in all the surveys such as your name and address information. The rest of the fields that are variable which require you to answer different questions will of course have to be filled by you.

Take your work seriously

You’ll stand a better chance of making  money from filling online surveys if you take this work seriously. Even if you have a full-time job somewhere else and he was just trying to do this on the side, try to set up a schedule where you can devote a certain time to fill out the survey offers that you get in your e-mail. It is just possible that you get enough survey offers in your e-mail which actually requires you to devote a couple of hours into filling them out. If this happens and you find it worth your while to devote that time to doing this work from home then you will have to organize or rearrange your schedule accordingly.

Use A List

Now I know that asking you to pay to get access to a list of paid surveys might not sound too kosher. But the fact is that by spending a few dollars you get access to all the names and resources in one place. You also get all future updates and additions. This to us is a big time saver and worth the money. The other option is that you search online and compile the list yourself. Here is one resource you can use. CLICK HERE.


In order to receive a substantial number of survey offers in your e-mail, you should sign up with many research companies. But take the trouble to only sign up with the estimate and the well-known ones as they will be the ones sending you gentlemen offers from the best corporate clients and businesses. Many times the search companies send out an initial feeler email  for a survey  offer. This e-mail has a few questions that determines whether you are suitable for the survey that they have available or not. So even if you receive five survey offers in your e-mail on one day,  it is possible that you may not qualify for even one. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and get as many survey offers in your e-mail as possible is provided that you have the time to devote to filling them out.

Answer the Questionnaire with All Honesty

Be honest when filling out the questionnaire for the online survey. Your opinion is genuinely required by the research companies in order to better the product and the service. The answers given to questions are usually aggregated and no one answer is usually tied back to an individual. So there is no reason to be hesitant about being honest. There is really no point in giving untruthful answers as they will not help you one way or the other. Giving honest and truthful answers is the quickest and will enable you to fill out  genuine opinion and information in more surveys.

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