Types Of Call Center Jobs

This section presents the job profiles of the common job that are available in a call center. There are specialized call centers in various fields such as health, insurance, banking etc. which will include specialized positions as well. Even if those positions are not covered here, remember that the qualities required by a call center executive remain the same. Depending on the position you occupy, the exertion management skill differs but if you do posses this skill you can hope to move up the ladder of hierarchy and have a successful career in customer service. The following job profiles are listed:

• Customer service representative
• Supervisor or team leader
• Training manager
• Training delivery
• Workforce scheduler
• Quality monitoring or quality assurance team member
• Business analyst (reporting and financials)
• Process specialist
• Human resource (hiring and recruiting)
• Information technology
• Call center manager or director

Title: Customer service representative
Role: Direct interaction with customers both inbound and outbound via telephone, email, text chat, mail and fax; includes transaction processing using a computer.
Skills: Customer service, communications (voice quality, grammar, and articulation), listening, computer and keyboarding, writing, interpersonal (people skills), multi-tasking, conflict management and telephone etiquette; sales skills needed for some call centers.
Previous experience: may look for applicants with prior customer service or call center experience but is often an entry-level position.

Title: Supervisor
Role: Support customer service representative in groups ranging from 3 to 20 employees, help agents create professional development plans, communicate call center activities and plans to agents, participate in special projects, monitor calls and provide feedback or corrective action to agents, measure employee performance, support the interviewing process for new hires, assist with difficult contacts, manage attendance and schedules for employees and work with the leadership team on budget and strategy issues.
Skills: management and leadership, data analysis, communications, coaching, professional development, and listening.
Previous experience: call center and/or prior coaching experience

Title: Training manager
Role: manage the development and delivery of training for the call center including curriculum development, training development and training delivery; manage the training group including instructors; manage any outside contractor services for training; coordinate training facilities, develop long-term training strategy including ongoing needs assessment and feedback from quality monitoring processes; coach and develop the training group including developers and instructors.
Skills: training, curriculum development, management and leadership, data analysis, communications, coaching, professional development, and listening.
Previous experience: training or education background, call center experience and coaching experience

Title: Training delivery
Role: deliver training classes to customer service representatives, assess feedback, assist in curriculum development and support to training development team, provide logistical coordination for training classes
Skills: training delivery, communications and public speaking, interpersonal (people-skills) and facilitation; understands adult learning processes.
Previous experience: training or education background, call center and teaching experience.

Title: Training development
Role: conduct training needs assessment, develop overall curriculum, develop training classes and course materials, analyze training effectiveness and implement corrective action to address performance gaps.
Skills: training development, communications, understanding of adult learning processes, knowledge of training delivery techniques and alternate training channels including web, video and computer-based training (CBT).
Previous experience: training or education background, call center experience, prior work in training and curriculum development.

Title: Workforce scheduler
Role: Forecast contact volumes and staffing needs, schedule employees in the call center based on work load, staffing requirements for new hires, analysis of trend data, real time schedule adjustments; account for absent or sick employees and peaks in contact volume.
Skills: knowledge and application of workforce scheduling software and staffing models, data gathering and trend analysis including application of spreadsheet software like MS Excel, statistical analysis, graphing, data presentation, communications, team presentations and public-speaking skills.
Previous experience: often requires prior call center experience in workforce management

Title: Quality monitoring or quality assurance team
Role: monitor agent contacts to ensure quality customer service and compliance with call center procedures for call handling; provide call performance feedback and trend data to coaches and/or agents, the training group and the hiring manager.
Skills: listening, data analysis, objective scoring, communications, trend and pattern analysis and data presentations.
Previous experience: often requires prior call center experience as a customer service representative or supervisor.

Title: Business analyst
Role: conduct overall performance and financial analysis for all aspects of call center operations including data analysis, trend analysis, graphing, presentation development and delivery; assist with strategy development with the leadership team of the call center; help prioritize special improvement projects for call center operations.
Skills: data and trend analysis, presentation development including high-end database and spreadsheet applications, communications, public speaking, strategy development.
Previous experience: requires extensive call center work experience or consultative background.

Title: Process specialist
Role: Document, measure and improve business and contact handling processes in the call center; apply quality improvement techniques to create environment of continuous quality improvement; measure customer satisfaction, conduct root cause analysis for performance issues and implement solutions; initiate and manage strategic projects for the call center including work with groups outside the center.
Skills: Background in quality and process improvement, excellent communication skills, presentation preparation including use of spreadsheet and presentation software applications like MS Powerpoint, facilitation skills, conflict management, and interpersonal (people skills).
Previous experience: requires background in quality and process improvement (TQM, Six Sigma, BPR) and project management; call center work experience preferred.

Title: Hiring manager
Role: manage the hiring and retention process for the call center including advertising, recruiting, screening, interviewing, employee orientation, employee terminations, employee advancement and exit interviews.
Skills: excellent communication and people skills combined with knowledge of HR policies and procedures including legal issues surrounding employment law.
Previous experience: background or education in human resources and call center experience

Title: Information technology
Role: ranges from IT support to advanced customized software application development and system integration; network management and design; ongoing moves and adds, and system maintenance (desktop computers and telephones)
Skills:hardware and software application knowledge, programming skills, network design and network management knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills
Previous experience: requires education and training in desired IT field; call center knowledge or experience preferred.

Title: Call center manager or director
Role: manage the day-to-day operations for the call center including financial budgets, operations, communications, coaching and development of call center supervisors and managers, strategic planning for the call center; set operational goals and performance objectives, monitor and improve call center performance with other departments or divisions within the company; conduct interactions and regular communications outside of the call center; manage all call center support functions including training, QA, hiring, IT support and process improvement.
Skills: leadership and management, coaching and communication skills, facilitation and conflict resolution, strategic planning, financial analysis and budgets
Previous experience: extensive call center experience and coaching or management experience

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