Home Call Center Office Requirements

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A well organized home office with the necessary equipment will help you start working from home as a call center agent.

If you are considering setting up a virtual home-based call center to work as a home-based telephone  customer service representative or sales agent then you will need to ensure that you have the right office equipment to get the job done and to get started. While finding a home-based call-center job will be a top priority, whether or not you qualify to get the job  will also depend upon  having the right set up at home. While different call center agencies may have different requires for the office equipment usually a virtual call center agent should be able to provide basic services like a personal computer, phone, basic software such as word processing and e-mail as well as telephonic services.

The following are the technical requirements for a home-based call-center office.

Computer requirements and technical specifications

Desktop personal computer running Windows. Usually laptops and Macintosh computers are not allowed.  The minimum requirements for the computer usually are 1 GHz to 2 GHz processor running windows XP or Vista. You might be surprised to find that  call-center company often does not require the newest OS to be running on your computer as it may not be set up to work on it yet. You will require 512 Mb 1 GB of RAM, sound card, speakers and a 15 inch 217 inch monitor. Your computer should be running adequate  antivirus and spyware protection along with a functioning firewall. Software requirements for your desktop personal computer will require basic word processing  as well as the ability to handle Excel spreadsheets and Adobe PDF formats.

Internet requirements

Your Internet connection will need to be a fast Internet connection with the SL or cable Internet capabilities. Satellite and ial-up connections are usually not allowed. There may b some restriction on using Wi-Fi as well although a Wi-Fi inside the home may be allowed in certain instances.

Telephony services

Telephony services need to be provided in the form of a phone line that is separate from your home phone. Cell phones and VoIP protocols are not acceptable. The handset has to be a corded handset. Cordless are usually not allowed. You may also need a handset with noise canceling technology. The telephone instrument needs to be one where the dialing pad is on the phone and not on the handset.

Instant Messaging Services


Instant messaging services such as Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger and MSN messenger may also be required on your computer as they may serve a purpose in the functioning of your job as a home-based call-center agent. This is not an issue as these  are available for free download from their respective websites.

Other Office Requirements

There may be other requirements from your office set up which  mainly depend and differ from one company to another. These include having equipment like paper shredders, lockable filing cabinets, noise reduction headsets, WebCam, a backup power supply etc.



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