Wah Offers Are Full Of Scams

How to spot any work at home scam and what to do if stuck in one. Learn about the infectious ‘I Want To Believe’ syndrome. It could make you loose money if you catch it!

We cannot progress further without addressing this important issue. Whether you find a real telecommuting job or not, you should not end up loosing your money to some scam! Please do NOT pay any money to any company that is asking you to pay up to join some earning program. It does not matter what the sales copy says. It can be simple data entry, it could be transcription or email processing. None of this works.
Trust your instincts. Avoid the “I WANT TO BELIEVE FEELING” which is the feeling of looking at a work at home offer that sounds too good to be true but you WANT to believe it because it sounds soooooo goood. Don’t. It will result in you loosing money.
The only real jobs home based jobs out there are the ones that SOUND and READ real. They will be from employers that are real with a real address and phone with a contact person that you can talk to before applying. And they will ask for things like work experience, resume and skills just like a normal regular job. And a lot of these employers hire locally. Do not fret we are going to point you to your local job listings as well.
Look at the following points to avoid home working scams. These are the trademark qualities of a scam:

Does the business or “job” offer several hundred dollars a week working from home without doing much work? Is this realistically possible? No. Avoid these scam sites.
No experience necessary? No one pays you without experience. It means that all they are interested in doing is selling you their bogus product and getting that registration fee from you.
You can make hundreds of dollars each day without doing much work? How so? Is their any guarantee of this?
Have they told you exactly what you have to do or are they just simply sticking with giving you vague notions of form filling and data entry and telling you to pay up before they reveal this secret. The truth is there ARE NO SECRETS.
Is there a physical address, phone number and a contact person listed with whom you can talk before ordering? If not then its a scam.
You are asked to call up an phone number. A 900# number for information. They make money with every person who calls ! Do not call these numbers.
Do not fall for a strong well written ad copy. It might be very convincing and it might convince you to act right away. Any website that tells you act now as the registration fee will go up in a few hours in nonsense. You can bookmark that page and come back to it after 2 days and you will realise that the ad copy reads exactly the same. As we have mentioned before do not get the “I WANT TO BELIEVE” syndrome. Think with your head and not because you wish that this opportunity was real. That’s the mark of a good sales copy. It makes you want to believe.
If you get any of these flags up while looking at a home based business opportunity, be very careful before proceeding.

What to do if you get caught in one of many Home Based Business Scams

First you need to write to the company who was involved in Home Based Business Scams that you feel has ripped you off telling them you would like your money back. If they don’t agree with you then you need to let them know you plan to notify officials. The following people should be notified.
If you read about this work-at-home scheme in a magazine. Let the editor know the particular company is involved in Home Based Business Scam. The Attorney General’s Office in your state or in the state where the bogus Home Based Business Scams Company is located.
National Fraud Information Centre Call them if you feel you are a victim of a Home Based Business Scams. Check out their web site for daily alerts or new Home Based Business Scams. 1-800-876-7060
Your local Consumer Protection Offices.
Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the BBB in the state of the Home Based Business Scams operator.
Postmaster. If you received the misleading Home Based Business Scams information through the mail.
The Federal Trade Commission. While the FTC cannot resolve individual Home Based Business Scams, the agency can take action if there is evidence of a pattern of deceptive or unfair practices. To register a complaint about any Home Based Business Scams, write to: Correspondence Branch, Federal Trade Commission, and Washington, D.C. 20580.

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