Difference Between Legitimate Home Jobs and Scams

Learn to differentiate between work at home offers that are scams and the genuine work from home opportunities.

When looking for home based work and jobs, one of the first things that you will have to learn is to avoid the work at home scams at all costs. They will not only cause you delay in finding the right home based opportunity for yourself but will most probably make you loose money in foolish schemes. Sometimes the scams are worth a few dollars but then there are instances of work at home job scams that have resulted in people loosing hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

The thing is that people fall for work at home scams even when there  easy enough ways to spot one. The No.1 rule of spotting a work at home scam is : “ If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Trust your gut instincts when they tell you that something is not right about the work at home opportunity.

Over time you will ralise that a pattern emerges that is the sign of home based job scam. you will ralise that the thousands of ads that you see regarding home based jobs are similar in the claims that they make and the pitch that they try to sell you.

Here are some ways to tell scams apart from real and genuine work at home opportunities.


1. The first unfailing test for detecting  home based scam is to trust your own instincts. Use your common sense. Do not get played upon by lures of easy money and lots of it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. There are no work at home jobs that let you make hundreds of dollars overnight without any qualifications and experience. These kinds of job do not exist. PERIOD. Frauds have gone a long way in to putting in believability in to the fact that it is possible to make this kind of money just by buying in to their secrets. They will have you believe that there is a magic way to do this and they have found it. Some will claim Data Entry jobs while others will make a vague claim about Google Jobs and Affiliate Marketing etc. The truth is that NONE of these will make you hundreds of dollars overnight. Any genuine work at home, be it data entry or affiliate marketing, takes lots of hard work and time to build.

3. Do not send money to unknown companies as start up costs. This does not make any sense either. A genuine employer wants to hire skilled people to be able to do the job. Avoid all those one page websites asking you to subscribe to their plan. There are other kinds of offers as well that ask you to send in money to join. Most of them are avoidable. Here are some of the common examples. While there seem to be new variants coming up all the time, they more or less tend to maintain the same tune of “ Send us the money and we will help you get more”. The catch is that you have to send them the money first. You are never getting to see any of yours back.

Direct Sales or Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Pyramid Schemes – Always avoid!

Business Start-Up Kits

Anything Involving Cashing Checks/Wiring Money – Always avoid!

Home Assembly/Envelope Stuffing – Always avoid!

Becoming a Product Re-seller or Wholesaler

Stock Trading Systems – Always avoid!

Directories of Telecommuting Jobs or Businesses

Taking Online Surveys

Mystery Shopping

Data Entry/Call Centers (Some are legit but, the lure of these jobs is used to sell bogus start-up kits and other scams.).

4. Avoid the opportunities that you come by as a result of paid advertisements on websites and search engines. Genuine work at home opportunities are usually available like other jobs are. On job search sites and specialized websites. No employer casts such a wide net as to be present on search engine results.

5. Do not believe the claim that you can find a home based job with out having a skill set. This is just not possible no matter what the job is. Even the simplest of telecommuting jobs will want to hire a person with a certain skill set. So all those generic job offers promising thousands of dollars with any qualifications are nonsense. Your skills matter no matter what they are so tap in to them and your experience if you have any and search for those particular job openings.

6. Always research and fish deeper in to any job opportunity. Do a search on search engine for the company concerned. Usually it is easy to tell a genuine employer from a scam one. A genuine employer has a genuine company, real physical address with a real and tangible product or service that they provide to consumers and businesses. Scams are just websites making an offer to make you hundreds of dollars where neither the physical office seems to be in existence nor is the end product or service that any legitimate business should provide. If it looks to be BS it probably is.


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