Writing Jobs Online For Beginners

There are plenty of opportunities for writing jobs online. But what if you are a complete beginner? Can you still get some writing assignments under your belt? The answer is, yes.

But you have to approach things a little differently. Put yourself in the footsteps of the person posting a writing job online. You will want someone who can demonstrate this ability. You will want some one who can assure you that they will do the job well.

The first thing people look for is reviews and feedback from previous assignments. Then they look at the money you are asking for. As a beginner writer you do not have a body of work with other clients and therefore no feedback, reviews and reference to vouch for your skill.

At any given point of time you will face competition from other online writers who can boast of the above things. So how do you succeed in getting a writing job online as a beginner?

Follow these tips to for better prospects to writing jobs online for beginners.

  1. Write a blob. You can create a blog for free. Take the initiative to write a few articles. Choose different topics and genres to demonstrate your copyrighting ability fully.
  1. Send sample work. Offer to start the work for free. Send a few paragraphs to the person demonstrating how you will handle the job.
  1. Beat the price. Usually the more seasoned and experienced writers also ask for money for their work. This is where you can have an upper hand. Quote a very reasonable fee that will win the assignment over.
  1. Pick out simple projects. Not everyone is looking at extensive and costly writing projects. In fact, many of them are fairly simple projects. People who want small jobs done often get turned down by more seasoned writers as they probably don’t pay as much. These kind of writing jobs are your ‘in’ as a beginner.
  1. Diversity. You are trying to rack up a few positive reviews at this point. So diversity what you are willing to work on. Choose related fields of work like editing and proofreading to increase your chances of getting work.
  1. Communicate well. Write a great profile for yourself. Make it easy and friendly. Sound self-confident and helpful. In your communication with a potential client sound absolutely approachable, eager and friendly. Assure the client that you can and will get the job done.

    I know that communication is important because it builds trust. I also know that I prefer to deal with certain people for my online assignments, because apart from the ability to do a good job, it’s just a wonderful experience communicating with them. They are understanding, willing, accommodating and friendly. I know I keep repeating ‘friendly.’ But it’s just that important.

These few tips and tricks should help you find your first writing assignments as a beginner. These are a few places where you can begin.

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